Eli Ankou

Ankou On Finishing Season Successfully

Nov. 9 -- Senior defensive tackle Eli Ankou talks about how the team is focused on finishing the season successfully...

Eli Ankou talked during Oregon State week.

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On how he's feeling:

Good. Feeling good. Almost fully back.  Just football. It's basically there. Obviously when you hurt your elbow or anything, its iffy for the first little bit but I've been back playing football and it's pretty good.

On the elbow brace:

It's heavy, relatively speaking. It is cumbersome but if its what it takes to make me play properly, I need to do what I need to do.


On if there is a timeframe for when he can play without it:

No. I personally like it. It does have it's downside. But I think it looks cool.

On moving forward:

Our goal is to win every game but right now our focus is to win the next game.  We'll take it week to week. But in the grand scheme of things, it would be nice to win out and go to a bowl game.

On how tough it gets when in a losing streak:

It does get difficult but what I do like from this team is the resiliency.  Nobody blinks. You just keep going and keep chugging forward. You just block out the negatives. It's what it comes down to. People are going to talk. You have your first losing season in a while and things change. But you have to keep your eyes forward and chug along forward.

On team unity:

It's all about the team, it's not about defense or offense. Everyone is together, everyone is playing together, there is no reason to separate ourselves like that.

On if the offense and defense hang out together:

Everyone hangs out with each other. I wouldn't say there are any cliques. When I first came in, it was a little different. But I feel like especially this year, the whole team is meshed together.

On what changed from cliques when he got there to now:

It's all about the team chemistry. You build bonds through the struggle. We did a lot of activities and team bonding and that helped us stick together a little more.

On if team building events in camp helped:

Yeah, that's an example of it. Teams do a lot of things to get their players to interact more with each other. I think everyone is sticking together really well.

On the rush defense change from Utah to Colorado:

It comes down to situations. Utah did a good job in game planning for us and we did a good job the next week in bouncing back.

On if he was jealous a coach never visited him in a helicopter:

It's a little bit far for a helicopter ride.  It's on the east coast.  Plus, I don't think the cold air would have helped.

On if a helicopter would have affected him as a recruit:

Oh what, a helicopter? Absolutely.  If I saw that at my high school it would be crazy.

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