UCLA Assistant Coach Scott White Talks Special Teams, Kenny Young and Cameron Griffin

Nov. 10 -- UCLA assistant coach Scott White spoke about the problems on special teams, the growth of Kenny Young and the position switch of Cameron Griffin ahead of the game against Oregon State...

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On the response of the freshman specialists:

They've responded very nicely and that's what we were anticipating. As we backed Austin off, we wanted to lessen the work load for him and the amount of pressure he was putting on himself and get out of his head a little bit then bring him back and he punted his butt off today. J.J. is continuing to improve too. With those specialists, it's a lot of mental and emotional pressure they put themselves under. But they've both responded really well.

On the struggles in the kicking game against Colorado:

The biggest thing was operational time. You give Colorado credit. But a little operational time and give them credit, that kid made an excellent play.

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On penalties in the punting game:

It's concentration. That's the biggest thing.  We talked about it all week. They'll stem, move, shift, pre-snap and we had to hold our water. We talked about playing penalty free at all times but the biggest thing is concentration and executing on key situations.

On penalties on defense:

Composure. In that situation with Jayon, the game was tightly contested and you saw chippiness on both sides and I thought at that point in the game, Jayon got caught up in it. As the stopped the game, I reminded Jayon when I pulled him aside, poise.  He started explaining, 'well, he did this', but it's always going to be the second guy who gets called for the flag. For Jayon, that was uncharacteristic. We want him to maintain his poise and composure in those situations.

On the growth of Kenny Young:

Tremendous. The biggest thing with Kenny has all been mental, never physical. You see the hesitation has gone away, he's doing a great job. There was a proud moment for me the other day, we just got Cam Griffin back at linebacker. I'm working in the offices and Kenny has Cam in there mentoring him on the defense and plays and listening to him convey the plays and information was stellar.  And he's teaching Cam the big picture and shows me he has a grasp on it.

On if the move is permanent for Griffin:

Yeah, he'll do some short yardage, goal line stuff, but we've got him back at mike linebacker where last year he was really coming along strong. The shift and approach offensively, we needed those bodies and Cam being the team guy he is, he was the first to jump over there and I know Coach Polamalu loved having him.

On the biggest challenge with Griffin:

Just getting him reacclimated but its tough now because we're in a heavy game plan. When we get back into a spring or fall camp, when it's base looks, it will get him reacclimated. He's been coming to my office to spend the time getting reacclimated to the concepts.  That was last week.

On if that means the fullback is gone from the offense:

That's a better question for Coach Mora and Coach Polamalu and the offensive approach. Right now he's with us and we're thrilled to have him.

On how that conversation went:

Again, that's a better question for Coach Mora. It was mainly, he's back in our room, awesome.

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