UCLA WR Darren Andrews Motivated To Reach Bowl Game

Nov. 10 -- UCLA wide receiver Darren Andrews spoke about the motivation to make a bowl game and how the receiver group feels about the tighter rotation...

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On if he's gone through times where they've been in a losing streak:

Yes. When I was in high school. I'm not too used to it but it's a different challenge and approach. It's interesting but it's upon us so we have to accept it and work our way back up.

On how they get back in the win column:

Just execute. We haven't been executing to our fullest potential.  If we execute, we'll be fine.


On the inability to execute this season:

It is frustrating but you can't stop. It's something you have to work on. Eventually you'll get it.

On needing to win out and get bowl eligible:

It is a motivating factor but where we are right now, all we can do is think about winning one game at a time. You can think about that game and then move on. Right now, we're thinking about Oregon State.

On how the receivers can jump start the running game:

Maybe make my blocks more consistent. To make a lane better for the running back. Make a hole wider. I think it will be good and they'll pick it up. 

On tightening the receiver rotation:

We have to make plays out there on the outside. You have to make plays in the game.

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