UCLA OC Kennedy Polamalu Discusses Rush Attack Versus Oregon State

Nov. 12 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu spoke about the Bruins' rushing attack and playing the true freshmen following the 38-24 victory against Oregon State...

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Opening statement:

Besides the turnover bonehead call I made on the inch-yard line, I think Mike Fafaul played an exceptional game. We stayed aggressive early and wanted to stretch the field, guys made plays, then we got stagnant at the end. That inch yard line, called the play before, we got them thinking we'd run the ball in.  Then you see an inside lineman come off the field and we get another shot, and when I called the play, it was already on the inch-yard line and I called the play. We were trying to get an easy completion. Tried to do too much. Bonehead call, not a play, for putting the young man in the position. Thank God the defense played their butts off to keep the seven point lead.  They kept competing and fighting. That's all we ask for.

On using all the running backs:

After watching last week's film, and no one in the older class has separated themselves. You always want continuity with your running backs and line and tight end and I didn't want to do that last week but our back are against the wall. I wanted them to compete. I gave them fair shots at it. The young freshman hit a draw early, Brandon Stephens converted a big third down. Soso ran harder than he has. And then Jalen Starks having two rushing touchdowns. He's a big bull. When you're looking for that,  he's a one cut runner and he'll help our offensivel ine at the point of attack. We'll look at the film and see what happens and if anyone separates themselves. They didn't complain and were helping each other on the sidelines.


On Mike Fafaul getting his first win:

Unbelieveable, not just for myself but the whole team. You have a young man the team respects, a fifth year senior. I'm not holding back, I'm calling some plays. He's made some nice throws and good decisions and protected the ball, except for the bonehead call I made, and that wasn't on him.

On the balanced offense:

You always need balance and it's all on personnel. I thought we could control their front guys when we got them backing up. When they go to two high-safeties for coverage, you should be able to run the ball and that's what they did.

On if he identifies with Jalen Starks' ability as a former fullback:

I have four other backs, I'm not going to go there, but it does bring a smile to my face.

On why they were effective running it:

We went and threw the ball early and when you go to single-high, you got an extra guy in the box. When you have two high safeties, they're short on a fit and it gave our guys enough on that edge. We just go back to work and keep getting better.

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