UCLA DC Tom Bradley Talks Defense Against Oregon State

Nov. 13 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about the team's performance against Oregon State, the progress of Josh Woods and more following the victory Saturday...

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On defending short fields:

I was disappointed on the first one.  We played a little high, I thought we'd give more of a challenge. The second one was on the 20 and I was hoping we could hold them to a field goal. Sudden change is always a factor on defense but you have to understand you have to defend every blade of glass. 

On the defense overall:

We played in spurts, ok. On defense, if you don't hold them to zero, you don't feel like you did your job. We hung in there though and made plays and the players adapted to what was happening to them.


On preparing for Oregon State without Ryan Nall:

I didn't know until I saw him in pregame standing there in his jersey. He's a good football player. He's ranked No. 1 in the country in making people miss.

On Jayon Brown nearing 100 tackles:

I don't think he pays a whole lot of attention to that. He's never been concerned with how many tackles he has or doesn't have. He's upped his game each and every week and gotten better and that's what he's trying to get done.

On what Brown getting 100 tackles would mean:

I'm not a stat guy. I look at one stat, did you win the game or lose the game. If you have stats, it's because a lot of other people made it happen. I don't look at stats.

On Josh Woods:

The opportunity to play more has helped him a lot. He's getting more reps and getting more disciplined in his play. He's getting a feel for how he has to prepare each and every week. When you're a heck of a player coming out of high school, it's easy, but here you have to prepare every day.

On their defensive alignment:

Tonight it was pretty much dependent on what they came out in. It was based on personnel. In the end, we had some dime.

On Randal Goforth:

I thought Randal played really well. He really did. I just wish he'd put the ball away until he crossed the goal line. I'm a big fan of that.

On stopping Victor Bolden:

We didn't want to get out flanked so we started making some adjutments to cover one.  We knew they would come with it. That No. 6 is a heckuva football player, he's a really good football player. He's not easy when he gets to that edge.

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