UCLA QB Mike Fafaul Gets A Game Ball

Nov. 13 -- UCLA redshirt senior quarterback Mike Fafaul, who received a game ball from head coach Jim Mora on Saturday night, spoke following his first career victory...

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On being given the game ball:

It was really special. I can't even put it in words right now. It was unbelievable.

On sharing a moment at the end of the game with Josh Rosen and Marques Tuiasosopo:

We have a great relationship in the quarterback room, Josh and Tui especially. It was special to share that with them.

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On who picked him up in the locker room:

I think it was Conor. There were a couple of them. It was so cool. I'm just glad we got the win.

On how much the running game helps:

I think it helps a lot. Our run game came alive today.  We threw well except for one play in the red zone.

On shaking off a goal line interception:

I think it's always difficult but I've had my fair share of adversity and I think I've showed I'm resilient. I focus on the next play and run the offense.

On an effective running game:

It's huge. I love sitting back there and watch them take off. It helps the passing game, keeps them on their toes. They've been doing a great job. Hats off to them for being persistent when everyone has been down on them. We have a great bunch.

On the young backs Jalen Starks and Brandon Stephens:

Jalen is a phenomenal running back, hard to bring down, big back. Brandon is elusive and runs with great vision. They'll be great for us the rest of the season and years to come.

On if it's tweaks or execution that helped the running game:

Its a little bit of both. Small tweaks but mainly execution. I think the tweaks have helped with the execution. I think they're doing great right now.

On what he's going to do with the game ball:

I'm going to give it to my mom. I was going to let her have it.

On where he feels he's improved the most:

I think just my vision out there. I see everything well. I'm able to get it to the guys in the right spot. The game is starting to slow down for me. That comes with preparation and experience. I've gotten some experience recently and I've been preparing really hard.


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