Darren Andrews on Rivalry, Talking Trash

Nov. 14 -- The junior wide receiver talked about facing what he thinks is the best defense UCLA has faced in USC, and the development of Jordan Lasley and Theo Howard...

Darren Andrews talked Monday to the media about the USC game.

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On the win against OSU:

It helped a lot. It gave us momentum going in to this upcoming game. We practiced a lot and practiced hard. We never lost that enthusiasm and it paid off that game. It's great we have momentum going in to this game.

On if a win makes it easier to come back:

It does knowing our hard work, but it's a 24-hour rule and on to the next opponent and we're ready for them.


On if they are more fired up this week for USC:

Right, I think that is any rivalry game. You get more enthusiasm. It's a rivalry game and you get that atmosphere and it's exciting. 

On if he knows guys on USC:

I do but we'll stay our separate ways until after the game. 

On who he's closest with at USC:

Probably Chris Hawkins.  We grew up, our parents, we were all on the same Pop Warner team, ran track together, our parents are close so we stayed close.

On if there is more chatter on the field against USC:

I think so. Rivalry games brings out more competitiveness and more trying to win so there is more trash talking.

On if he'll talk when lined up against Hawkins:

There is trash talking. We're both competitive people. He'll talk and I have to stay in my game. There will be talk, that's the atmosphere.

On if they know each other's tendencies because of familiarity:

We do, but you still have to do what you do and they have to do what they do. You have to do your assignments and you might have to add a little more flavor to the route concept to disguise it so he doesn't pick up my tendencies right away.

On if a win against USC salvages the season:

We need to win out. This game doesn't define anything. It's just a rivalry game, our goal is to win out.

On if it would be a nice accomplishment:

It would be a nice accomplishment. Our priority is to go 1-0, but ultimately we want to win out.  Right now, this week, we're just focused on going 1-0. Each week, we try to just win the day. 

On Jordan Lasley's growth:

There has been a lot of growth. He's come a long away. Happy he's helped us out the way he has and he's continued to keep growing. On and off the field. He normally is a talker on the field, but he doesn't let people get to him, he's calm out there and his play on the field has been good for him.

On USC's defense:

You see zone and man. Last year though, they didn't do none of that, they just played man. So that's what I've just seen from film.  I'm going in there, man across the board, and we have to win the matchups. I think we've faced man all year, so it will be more challenging. We have to beat man and press coverage and make the plays.

On if losing to USC last year adds motivation:

Exactly, we're going in to this one, a different quarterback but the same DB's and know their tendencies. We just have to win at the end of the day.

On the feeling of playing in the SC game:

It's a good feeling. It's a good feeling. Last year as my first rivalry game due to injury. The most important thing is to stay calm. There is a lot of noise and talking but you have to stay in the moment. I'm excited.

On Theo Howard's play against OSU:

It was exciting. He's young so I know everything is going fast for him, but I keep telling him, stay calm, do the things you know you can do. He has some growth to do. Everyone who's a freshman has growth to do. He just needs to keep growing and he'll help us.

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