Scott Quessenberry on How Good is USC D

Nov. 16 -- UCLA center Scott Quessenberry talked about how good USC's defense is and the importance of coming off a win...

Scott Quessenberry talked to the media Monday. 

On what the UCLA-USC rivalry means to him:

It's just fun, really. We have a lot of friends that play on the other team, everyone on that roster, we grew up and went to camps. Its fun to compete against some of our best friends.

On if he's talked to any players at USC:

We're just going to go about our business and get ready for our game just like they are.

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On if there is added incentive given the opponent:

I think there might be a little added thing and it's USC. We're two wins away form being bowl eligible but at the end of the day, it's another football game and we'll go out and do what we need to do to win.

On the OSU win:

It was good. The biggest thing is we were having fun out there. Losing isn't fun and we had four in a row. It was good to get the ball rolling and have fun again.  It was good going into this game and we're ready for the challenge on Saturday. 

On if the O-Line is coming along:

I would say yes. There was good cohesion across the board and everyone is gelling. We ran the ball effectively but there were still yards on the field we saw today. Going forward we'll build off this one and hopefully have more success.

On if he's watched USC:

I have. It's a good ball club.  Their coach has them playing real hard. There is tons of talent all over the field. It's a good challenge and we're excited for it.

On Adoree Jackson:

The kid is electric. I saw that Vine of him doing the backflip after the (UW) game and it was incredible. He's a great player. That's all there is to it.

On if USC has the best defensive line they'll face:

Yeah, they're up there. They got talent, 1, 2, 3 and 4.  It's really exciting for us. It will be a challenge but we'll be up for it.

On his shoulder:

There is still some aches and pains with it, but I'm fine now. There were no issues on Saturday.

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