Jayon Brown

Jayon Brown on USC's Offense

Nov. 15 -- UCLA senior linebacker Jayon Brown discussed what the defense would have to do to be successful agains USC's defense...

Jayon Brown talked during USC week. 

On confidence coming off the OSU win:

It's good to get back on the winning side of things. 

On if they enjoyed being out there:

It was fun. Winning is fun. And as long as we're winning, we're having fun.


On if they have to emphasize to younger players the importance of this game:

There is no saying, you don't need to say anything. They know what they came here for, to play in big games like these.

On what playing in the UCLA-USC game is like:

It's heated, it's fun. It's everything you wanted when you committed to this school. It will be so fun, I can't wait.

On if he's talked to any former teammates now at USC:

Not yet, but we'll see. But maybe I'll get a couple of texts.  Not sure (what I'll say).

On USC's offense:

Their offense is going to be one of the biggest challenges we have this whole season. They have the best offense we'll go against. They have electric receivers, a very good o-line and the quarterback is very talented. We'll have to come with our A game.

On closing in on 100 tackles:

It's a fun stat.

On how much being a Poly grad adds to it:

It's fun, going up against Juju (Smith) and Biggie (Iman Marshall).  I grew up with most of those guys. Played against them throughout Pop Warner and high school. Hopefully we'll get a win so I can talk smack.

On if it feels like he's played against so many USC players in high school:

Yes, both defensively and offensively.

On what a victory would mean:

Yeah, the glory is great after a USC victory. Getting a victory against those guys would mean everything.

On if losing last year adds more incentive this year:

Yeah, we're definitely looking for revenge on Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

On if he remembers the memorable 13-9 game in 2006:

I can't remember that game. I probably didn't watch that one.


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