UCLA OC Kennedy Polamalu Talks Rivalry Week

Nov. 15 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu, a fullback at USC in the early 1980s, spoke about the emotions during rivalry week...

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On the running back play against Oregon State:

I saw excellent effort, excellent competition and then things that we could fix and work on.  We had some technique stuff that in the scheme and fundamentals, we had some mental busts. We have to do a better job of coaching it. The competition was good, they ran hard and did some nice things. We'll go this week and figure out who can help us win the game.

On if anyone made a case for more carries:

I thought Bolu (Olorunfunmi) made a strong case, and the young freshmen did too. I told them it's about being consistent and competing and having that right mindset. The other guys aren't going to let it go.

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On what he saw from the offensive line:

The continuity and having backs go north and south. The continuity, they're starting to understand. I hoped they'd get it sooner, but the communicating.

On if continuity was tough losing Kolton Miller:

There is no excuse, they should always work together. They should always communicate together. But the continuity of being around each other and getting the same plays called, the simplicity of having the fronts, they understand their technique and it's fun to see.

On how much the running success was the match up or improvement:

It goes both ways. I think every week is new. You look at the personnel and the matchups. We were complimenting each other in the pass game. 

On what the USC game means to him:

It's not about me, it's about these young men. I want them to enjoy the experience. It will be the rest of their lives. The record is what they talk about when they get together. They have a great opportunity and we have to help them as a coaching staff, enjoy this.

On having played at USC and coaching at UCLA:

I try to keep that as it's not about me.  It's fun for me at home because my wife is a UCLA grad. She always teases me this week. She kicks me out of the room. But it's not about me, it's about these kids and it's always been that way. This is a fun experience. It's two schools in L.A., you can't stop running into each other. Just have fun with it, compete, whatever happens, it's on our side. It's a fun week.

On Mike Fafaul and past unexpected stars stepping up in the UCLA-USC game:

I think Mike has higher expectations than anything put on him. He's well-liked, he prepares himself like he is the guy.   It's great to be around him.  I think you can go overboard when you talk about that past. I want them to be where their fit are. It's a fun week. Until its all the way through, you give the effort and hopefully the results are on our side.


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