UCLA DC Tom Bradley Talks USC Offense And Rivalry

Nov. 15 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about facing USC's offense, getting a taste of the rivalry and more...

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On USC’s turnaround on offense:

I think they’re running the ball extremely well and that’s helped them. (Ronald) Jones has turned it up a notch and they have a lot of weapons all over the place and using them all. Their offensive line is playing well. They’re a tough offense to handle right now and they’re playing with a lot of confidence right now coming off a win at Washington. They’ve done a fine job of putting together six good games in a row and playing with a lot of confidence and poise.

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On Ronald Jones:

Anytime you’re doing the damage he’s doing, he’s making good cuts and putting his foot in the ground. Then you look at the offensive line, he’s not doing that on his own. He’s playing with a lot of poise and confidence.

On familiarity of his players with the USC players:

Anytime in a rivalry game, the players know each other, they’ve played against them, they’ve played with them, they’ve played in All-Star games. They know each other, it’s an exciting time. It’s interesting, we’ve all been in sports, and my guys, my friends I know from grade schools, they dig at you still. They remember years later. That’s what’s great about rivalry games. Two great programs going at it and that’s kind of fun.

On what Takk McKinley needs to do against Chad Wheeler:

Just do what he does. I think he plays his game, do what he does, sound, fundamentally and do the little things that will help us. Not get out of sync with what he does.

On if he’s in the mindset of USC-UCLA:

Yeah, I figured it out real quickly. It’s crazy because even when I was coming to work, someone yelled something at me.  As I was getting coffee, someone said something. He kinda knows me and took a little swipe at me.

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