UCLA RB Bolu Olorunfunmi Talks Running Game

Nov. 18 -- Running back Bolu Olorunfunmi spoke about UCLA's rushing attack heading into Saturday night's rivalry game against USC at the Rose Bowl...

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On making a case for more carries:

I think it was more what the line did. They did a great job of getting off blocks. All of my success is from them. I did a better job reading blocks. Everything was there. I had to just hit the holes.

On USC's run defense:

This is the 10th week, we go game by game. It's what we bring to the table. We'll control the field with our tempo and control everything that happens. We just have to work hard out here so it happens out there.

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On how the five-man running back rotation helps:

It's a little competition thing. You see one guy get in there and do his thing, you want to get in there and do your thing. It's all competition. We all want to get better every day.

On the freshman running backs:

I think both of them stood out. I like Jalen (Starks) running style. He's very physical. I saw him pass block a linebacker and hit him. I love seeing physical backs like that. And Brandon (Stephens), his speed, that was some great speed. I told him 'I didn't know you were that fast.' We have some talent. He did a great job last week and this week they'll do a tremendous job.

On how he feels physically:

I'm feeling good. We take care of everything day by day. Always trying to get treatment, so by Saturday, we'll all be 100% and ready to go.


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