T.J. Leaf (Blair Angulo)

UCLA Freshman Forward T.J. Leaf Focused On Improvement

Nov. 17 -- UCLA true freshman forward T.J. Leaf looked back to the first week of the season and ahead to what the Bruins must do to continue improving...


On surpassing the 100-point mark twice last week:

"We have so many different weapons on the court that it's hard for other teams to scout and defend us. We have different abilities with different guys, so whether the threes are going in or not, we're going to be able to score a lot with all of those different weapons and versatility we all have."

On the amount of foul calls in the CSUN game:

"It was hard at first for a lot of guys. We got into early foul trouble and throughout the game we were in foul trouble. It's definitely difficult at times to play without touching your man at all, but we definitely started to get in tune with it more as the game went on. We'll start to get that easier and easier as the games go on."

On seeing the 2017 recruiting class come together:

"It's very, very exciting. Any time you've got a lot of talent coming in, this next year is going to be an awesome year. We're all just looking forward our games and this year -- we're not really looking that far ahead. We're trying to live in the here and now and get the win Thursday against USD."

On the imminent return of fellow freshman Ike Anigbogu:

"He's such a presence defensively and that's something that's going to help us. He gets a lot of blocks and rebounds very well. He's just a physical presence offensively and defensively, he's so strong and athletic that he can do so many things in the paint that many guys can't do. With his wing span at like 7-feet-5, he really impacts the game in a lot of ways."

On how Anigbogu's integration could impact his own role:

"It gives us another aspect of running. When he's in there he can mop up a lot of those defensive rebounds and get it out quick, and we can even run a little bit more than we have, which is crazy to think about."

On starting the recruiting momentum with the 2016 class:

"It may have something to do with that but it's the program itself. There is so much history, as everyone knows, and then the coaches are great. They do a great job recruiting and do a great job selling the amazing program and amazing school here. It's a little bit of everything."

On speaking with Jaylen Hands about his experience at UCLA:

"Me and Jaylen are pretty close and I definitely talked to him about it. He seems very excited to get up here and we're really excited to have him up here."

On the biggest adjustments as he moves on:

"The first one is not to get in early foul trouble. Any time you're in early foul trouble it really takes away from your game a lot. You just can't do as many things and you don't feel as comfortable out there. As a whole we're doing fine. We just need to tighten some things up but we'll be just fine."

On G.G. Goloman fouling out in only six minutes in Game 1:

"I think the coaches gave him a little. He was getting treatment in there and they were like, 'Why are you getting treatment? You didn't do anything and hardly played.' But I mean G.G. is such a good player for us and a lot of people don't realize just how talented he is. Some people got a little taste of that in the last game because he's going to be such a vital part to what we're doing this year."


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