UCLA LB Jayon Brown Looks Ahead to Cal Game

Nov. 21 -- UCLA senior linebacker Jayon Brown spoke about the season finale at Cal, his thoughts on how the program has changed since he arrived and more...

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Opening statement:

The friendships and brothers I've met through this whole process are friends for life.

On changing in the program:

Getting back on top. Defeating USC. I went 2-for-4. Just beating USC was huge though. Getting 10 wins in a season has been awesome.


On the program when he got here:

I came in from a young guys perspective, seeing how the older guys did it and I tried to do the same throughout this year. It's doing everything right, keeping others accountable.

On potentially going to a bowl if they go 5-7:

We have to take care of Cal. We can't look forward to a bowl game right now. We have to take care of Cal and see where it leads us.

On 5-7 teams in a bowl game:

They play hard because they're not supposed to be there because they don't have the six wins. But they come hard and when you go in you better be ready.

On the potential of this being his last game in a UCLA uniform:

I just want to win. I just want to win. It's been a pleasure playing here the past four years. It's been the best four years of my life.


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