The sunny side and the shady side of the Rose Bowl (

UCLA Wants to Move Team to Shady Side of the Rose Bowl, But Needs Help

Nov. 22 -- UCLA is trying to do what the fans have clamored for -- move the UCLA sideline at the Rose Bowl to the shady side of the stadium. But it needs the help of UCLA fans...

UCLA is trying to do what so many fans have clamored for – move the UCLA football team sideline in the Rose Bowl to the shady side of the field.

To do it, it needs a couple of things to happen.

The student section needs to be moved.

By Pac-12 rules the student section couldn’t remain where it is because it would be too close to the opponent’s sideline. And the students can’t be moved to the west side of the Rose Bowl because it would displace over 4,000 season ticket holders. So, the student section would be moved to the north side endzone. 

The advantages for the students:

-- It gets them out of the sun, too.

-- The student section will be all in the lower section (except for in the case of extreme student turnout).  This makes for seats closer to the action, and will make the student section louder and have more impact on the game.

-- It would make the student section considerably larger. 

-- It would be better for TV, with the students filling out one endzone. 

Here is the current student seating and the proposed seating:

UCLA also needs season ticket holders on the east side of the Rose Bowl to sign off on the change. 

These are season ticket holders who are currently behind the UCLA sideline. They'd have to agree to do it -- and they have a great motivation for it: to support their UCLA football team, to give them a competitive advantage in moving the UCLA sideline to the shady side.  Plus, they'd then be able to more easily harrass the opponent's sideline.

Here's What You Can Do:

-- There is currently a survey that has gone out to the Den, the UCLA student athletic support group, asking for students' opinion of the move. That survey would have to come back with a positive result from the students in supporting the change.  The deadline for the survey is November 25th. 

-- An effort will be made to get UCLA season ticket holders on the east side of the Rose Bowl to agree to the change.

***You can help make this happen.  Reach out to any students and east-side ticket holders and compel them to support the move.  

The UCLA football team has been at a disadvantage -- in their own stadium -- for too many years when its sideline swelters in Pasadena heat while the opponent's sideline is in the cool shade. 

UCLA fans have made this point for years and have been asking why UCLA won't do something about it. UCLA athletics is now trying to do something about it, but needs help in getting the students and the east-side season ticket holders to agree.  So, here's your chance to help. 



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