UCLA OC Kennedy Polamalu Talks Offensive Woes

Nov. 23 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu spoke about what went wrong against USC and how the Bruins would benefit from getting into a bowl game with a losing record...

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On what stood out from the film from USC:

What stood out was we didn’t have the opportunities to make plays, sustaining drives. We were limited in how many snaps. We scored early on the play to Lasley than we got good field position and scored in two plays. Then we went into a series where if we’d made this play, now it’s manageable downs. Second half, we just didn’t have the chance to convert some of those we thought we could or get the next set of downs or turn the field. Our starting point was we wanted them to go the long field and we didn’t do that enough. But overall, when you look at it, no sacks, and that’s a credit to Mike (Fafaul) and getting out and the line and no turnovers, which we really stressed. We felt if we didn’t turn the ball over, it would come down to the end. We had the one penalty on a celebration that put us in a bad field position but other than that, I thought it was a clean game but not efficient enough to sustain drives.

On if they should have stuck to the run longer:

It’s hard because if you look at I, which I do every series, we ran the ball and now you want to get to a manageable down and then you’re three and out and you don’t have a chance to continue to run.  It limits your options to run the ball because they held on to the ball and made plays. I thought we ran hard and came out in the second half and ran the ball on 3rd and two, thought we could punch it and we couldn’t.

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On how a bowl could help:

Every time we put the pads on, I think we get better all the way around. Repetition, repetition to get better. That’s the young guys developing, going against guys like Takk and Eddie Vanderdoes, that helps our team and get better as they go on.

On Cal’s run defense:

Their simplicity in their fronts and style of plays, we’ll have some opportunities and people have had success against them so we have to build our success and get our momentum going.

On if they would have done:

Again, that will be a discussion with Coach Mora on the direction of what personnel wise we have.  Obviously, how we play the whole thing, it relates to everybody. The quarterback position is part of that equation and having the personnel to do what we’d liked to do moving forward.

On moving more to the spread:

We went through that decision with our quarterback and the situation we had and seeing more of the tempo and spread. We still have the same pass concepts.

On moving the fullbacks back to defense:

That again is with our quarterback who has been here for five years with the tempo so that’s what we did after the Washington State game.

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