UCLA Assistant Coach Demetrice Martin On Defensive Backs Group Heading Into Cal Game

Nov. 24 -- UCLA defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin spoke about his position group, including the health status of the starters, heading into the matchup against pass-happy Cal...

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On a banged up secondary:

It's just usual end of the year type stuff. I'm estimating everyone will be able to roll by game time.

On seeing his seniors end their career:

For me being a position coach, it's emotional for me, but I mask it as best as I can. But I've seen these guys grow from pups, playing since their true freshman year for me. It will be exciting to see and I think they'll go out with a bang and have the right focus now and the right mentality for how the season has gone. They have a lunchpail mentality which is what I love about them.


On Cal's offense:

They throw the ball a whole lot and they throw it well. They've been like this every year. They have a great quarterback and great receivers and complement it with a sneaky running game. We'll have our hands full.  They have the best core of the best core of receivers.  We've played some good receivers in the Pac-12 but for how much they throw the ball and run tempo, they add a nice dimension.

On Adarius Pickett:

His maturity level, being comfortable within the scheme and knowing the defense. You try to protect your players and put them in a position they can succeed and build that confidence and now he's to the point where he can do more from his plate too succeed instead of the opposite way. He's doing a really good job. 

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