UCLA LB Kenny Young Talks Season Finale

Nov. 25 -- UCLA middle linebacker Kenny Young spoke about the team's goal to finish the season on a good note in rivalry game against Cal...

If you can't view the video above, try the version below:

On if he's emotional about this potentially being the last game of the season:

I don't know if emotional is the word for it. It's another day to work on your tools.  The things you work up to this point, you power through and get ready to prepare for the game on Saturday.

On winning and ending on a good note:

Just win, honestly. Just win.  Just win Saturday. That's the idea. Worry about other things later.

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On if the team is in favor of a bowl if they win:

I feel that's a postgame Saturday. We don't talk about bowl games at this moment. We talk about beating Cal. That's the first thing we're working with.

On what stands out about Cal:

Like I said, we need to do our best on our part, it's not about who we play. The opponent doesn't matter at the end of the day.


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