UCLA LB Jayon Brown Hopes For Change In Attitude

Nov. 27 -- After the season ending loss to Cal, senior linebacker Jayon Brown spoke about the need for UCLA to improve its mentality this offseason...

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On the locker room after the game:

Depressing but we have to learn from our mistakes. Hopefully the young guys can know this feeling right here and won't want to feel it next season and can go into the offseason hungry to be better.

On the defense tailing off as the season went on:

We had to keep our execution high throughout the year and I guess we didn't. This game, it just wasn't good team playing and that's what led to this loss.

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On team needs moving forward:

We need to get our attitude right and our focus right. We were a better team than our record shows. They have to tackle the offseason hard and focus.

On getting their attitudes right:

They need to love the process the 5 am and 6 am wake up, the heavy weights and the running. The process.

On emotions as a senior:

It's been a rough season but throughout my four years here at UCLA I will never forget it. It has been great and I am glad I came here.


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