Kennedy Polamalu Reflects On His First Season as UCLA Offensive Coordinator

Nov. 27 -- Kennedy Polamalu reflected on his first season as UCLA's offensive coordinator following the Bruins' ugly loss to Cal on Saturday night...

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Opening statement:

You know what, I'm not comfortable coming in here each week and trying to give answers with what we're trying to do. It was a tough year, struggles. We tried after the Washington State game to go back to the offense we ran here in the past to try to win games and it didn't work. In helping our team win some ballgames. We'll keep evaluating. We'll look at ourselves, within our staff and try to get to a point where we establish a physical style of football and that comes with recruiting and how we do things. I think Coach (Mora) is always going to look and see we look within ourselves.

On a physical brand of football being the primary offense:

I've always believed that this game is about hitting and allowing your guys to take over and to do that, you have to establish a physical style. 

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On if it was tough for him:

It's not about me, it's about this team and we went to an offense that they were used to. Tempo, quarterback pulling the ball and run and getting the ball out. Time of possession, things like that. Those are things we'll evaluate.

On running the ball in the first half:

Again, it was always matchups and if we make the plays presented to us, we stay on schedule. We just didn't have that this year. We weren't good enough to come up with those things.

On new guards against Cal:

Injuries. Again, those are scholarship guys and they went out and gave it their best, but the best wasn't good enough all the way across.

On how the younger guys are suited for that offense:

I really believe they are. It doesn't matter, physical football is about outhitting your opponent. You have to have that mentality that you'll outhit your opponent.

On if you can develop that mentality in the offseason:

I believe so. The best way to improve is competition with yourself and getting the experience and we got the experience this year.

On self-assessing his first year:

Organization wise, it's not a big deal. Playcalling wasn't a big deal. Capturing your players to play with a passion, I didn't do a good enough job.

On Mike Fafaul against Cal:

I think he let the game come to him. The kid is a gutsy performer. We would have liked to make some plays to keep the chain moving to help each other out.

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