UCLA DC Tom Bradley Likes Defensive Core Returning For 2017

Nov. 27 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about what hurt the Bruins throughout the 2016 season and looked ahead a bit to next year following the loss to Cal...

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On the defense being on the field so much against Cal:

I think it was 102 plays. We could have had three picks for touchdowns if we had just held on to the ball. We have to make plays. They're a very good offense. If we could hold them to field goals, ok, we kept them out of the end zone but we didn't do that in the second half.

On the offsides:

First time, we jump offsides and can't get off the field. We couldn't turn the game momentum. It always comes down to the little things. You have to do the little things right.  You need the chances. 


On what Cal was doing to get the offsides:

I don't know, I can't tell. Doesn't matter, we have to watch the ball. In that particular situation, it came like we thought it would, it was clean and should have been off the field. When we have the opportunity, we have to do that.

On red zone defense:

We buckled down in the red zone. You never want to let them get there, but if you do and hold them to a field goal, it's an advantage. That's a very good offense. I'm very disappointed about the loss.

On self-assessing the defense:

I hate to answer that question because of the emotions, so I'll wait and do it tomorrow morning early and look at it. You always assess yourself first. You have to look in the mirror not out the window. It's easy to point and do different things. I'll sit and take a good hard look.

On the defense moving forward:

I think it's a very young group and a good group. They'll work hard, I won't question that. We have a lot of work to do, we know that. First things first, we have to get to recruiting.

On the season as a whole:

It's been tough, I'm not going to lie. We've had opportunities to make plays. When you get those shots, you have to take them. Guys leaving, it meant so much to the program. It's always a tough time, you hate to see them go out. You look at their collective body of work and not just this season.

On Fabian Moreau:

He was on and off if he was going to go, then he got hurt on the very first pass. That's the thing. We lost Fabian, we didn't know if we'd have him and then he says he'll go then gets hurt. That's a tough thing.

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