Dorrell's Press Conference: Quotes & Notes

Karl Dorrell conducts his first game week press conference. He talks a bit about preparation for Colorado, the state of the UCLA team, the depth chart, and losing one player in the two-deep to a suspension...

Soundbites and Notes From Coach Karl Dorrell's September 1st Press Conference:

On Game Week:

"Finally, game week is here, and obviously we are very excited about this weekend playing the University of Colorado. The players I know have been looking forward to this game. We're hoping to have a great week of preparation in getting ready for this opponent. We have been fortunate to go through our training camp without any major injuries. We are under the assumption that we're going to be full speed this Saturday."

On Colorado QB Joel Klatt:

"We were surprised and very impressed with what he showed on Saturday. He had tremendous poise and was under pressure quite a bit and made some good throws that ended up being big plays for them on offense. I think they are in better shape this year at quarterback than last year, at least from what I have seen."

On personal excitement of opening the week:

"Once you start the rigors of a season, you get into a rhythm on what you do on each particular day, and its nice to finally be in that rhythm of what you do on Tuesdays and Mondays and Thursdays, and that doesn't change for the next 12 weeks now. I think our players are getting excited about playing this weekend, but obviously getting excited about the rhythm on a week to week basis."

On benefit of seeing Colorado already play:

"I don't think it gives you a leg up. We didn't do a film exchange with them. We saw the TV copy of the game. The experience and what gives them an advantage is that they get to play a game at game speed. That's something that's always hard your first game, and everything isn't usually that smooth from a speed of the game standpoint. Another advantage is their altitude. And we've got to do what we need to do to get our players combat that part of it. We cant physically do any part of it, but we can try to hydrate our kids and limit that fatigue towards the end."

On whether what Colorado did on Saturday is what they have been expecting:

"They're pretty similar to what they've been in the past. Some things different than what they have done before. Offensively they have big play potential."

On the last two weeks of practice:

"Every thing worked out well. The issue about the quarterbacks was the biggest thing that was a day to day issue and literally a practice to practice issue. It wasn't a case of one quarterback being head and shoulders above the other one. It was something that we wanted to make sure was thought out. And what happened was Matt Moore came on and was more consistent in the long run. And it gave him the edge. As far as everything else, everything was right on schedule with what I wanted to accomplish. The biggest thing I am excited about is we didn't have any major injuries."

On Marcedes Lewis being #2 on the depth chart a tight end:

"Marcedes is going to get plenty of playing time. He is our second tight end. We list our depth chart by 2-back personnel and he is listed #2. If we listed 2-tight end personnel, he would be a starter. It just depends on how you look at it. He's going to get plenty of playing time. It's a formality. If its 2-back he will not be on the field, if its 2-tight end, he won't. He's an exciting player, and he plays one of those positions where you have to do a lot of things well."

On Matt Moore's strides:

"He has a lot of potential, a lot of upside. The surprises that he did this fall, they weren't anything like ‘Wow, where did this guy come from' because we have already seen that type of ability. I would say the thing we were encouraged by was how consistent he was, which obviously gave him the edge. The swagger is starting to come out now. I think both of them were waiting to figure out who was who to step forward, and he has definitely shown that type of leadership ability since we have named him the starter."

On Tyler Ebell:

"He is one of those kids that you would anticipate with his small stature, he is not durable, but he is the opposite. That is the most impressive thing about him. He is better than you think, he is stronger than you think, he is more durable than you think."

On the Rose Bowl walk-through this past weekend:

"It was our dress rehearsal, and every trick play you can think of. It was good for our players to go through. It was to practice every kind of situation to educate your kids that these things can happen. It went longer because of all the situations that we did. We did everything, make sure the headsets work properly, running in and out of special teams."

On returning to Boulder:

"It will be interesting walking on that field, but once the whistle blows, it's a football game."

On the offensive line:

"It's the same line. Depth is what it is. But the thing that encourages me is that we did get better."

On the defense:

"That's where our senior leadership is. I am pretty confident that is where the strength of our team is. It's good to have six defensive linemen that are seniors, and we have some guys that are sophomores and juniors that played last year, and they have experience."


Marcus Cassel has been suspended for the first game for a violation of team rules. At Monday evening's practice, it was learned that Jebiaus Brown has had concussive syndrome for about a week, but the coaches would ideally like to get him cleared and prepared to play to provide depth at cornerback because of the loss of Cassel.

Captains selected by the team for the season:

Defensive: Brandon Chillar and Dave Ball
Offensive: Craig Bragg and Manuel White

Game Day Assignments for Coaches:

In The Booth: Offensive coordinator Steve Axman, tight ends coach Gary Bernardi, defensive backs coach Gary DeLoach, linebacker coach Brian Schneider.

On The Sideline: Receivers coach Jon Embree, running backs coach Eric Bieniemy, offensive line coach Mark Weber, defensive coordinator Larry Kerr, defensive line coach Don Johnson.

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