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Notre Dame Official Visit Recap with Four-Star Safety Evan Fields

Jan. 24 -- Scout caught up with four-star safety Evan Fields to discuss his official visit to Notre Dame, where he got a clearer picture for what his future could be if he picks the Fighting Irish...

Coming off of an official visit to UCLA last week Scout four-star safety Evan Fields gave a mark of "10" on the 1-10 scale for the Bruins and the Arizona State Sun Devils


This past weekend he traveled to South Bend for his fifth and final official visit to see Notre Dame, and he would put that trip on equal footing.

"Yes sir, I 'd give a 10," Fields said. "It is up there with them."

The highlight of the trip for Fields was getting to see how attending a prestigious school like Notre Dame can set you up for life after football ends. 

"I got to see the academic side of things and see how they set you up for life after football was the highlight of it," Fields said.

"You do not even share a room with another player you share a room with a top student. That is where the top students go, they go to Notre Dame, so you get to know those people and they will be CEO of businesses, but those will be your friends and that will be a contact that you have. So that is like building your network."

Every out of region player always raves about the history and beauty on the ND campus and Fields was no different. He saw that it was a special place. 

"It was amazing," Fields said "that stuff is amazing. I went to the Golden Dome and went inside of it and if you go inside of it and you look up and see all of the pictures and stuff they have on the wall, it is just crazy. I went to the Basilica, the church, that is the most beautiful church I have ever seen in my entire life."

Fields enjoyed sitting down with freshly minted defensive coordinator Mike Elko, who has been on the job for just a brief period of time. 

"The new defensive coordinator is Mike Elko and he told me that he could see me fitting in at free safety," Fields reported. "I fit in to a free safety in their system because the dudes that they have there I am a little bit faster than them. So he just sees me fitting in to that one to cover more ground.

"Also he told me as far as playing time and experience that those guys don't know the scheme either, because he just got there. That is a factor too."

Fields will play for Team USA in the 2017 under-19 national North American Championship on January 28 at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. 

He will then come back to Okla., and make the final call between Arizona State, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Oregon, TCU and UCLA on January 30. 

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