Predictions for UCLA's Remaining 2017 Targets

Jan. 24 -- We asked Scout's recruiting experts from around the country about the remaining UCLA targets in their region, and they gave us their current feel on which school most likely gets their signed NLI next Wednesday...

We’re eight days away from National Signing Day, and you’d think it’d be getting easier to predict what schools many uncommitted recruits are going to choose. But in a good number of cases, the situation is even more muddied than months before.

So, we polled some of Scout’s recruiting experts from around the country to ask them their educated opinion on what National Letter of Intent UCLA’s remaining 2017 targets will sign on next Wednesday, National Signing Day.

The recent Washington scholarship offer doesn’t seem to necessarily be having the big impact we thought it might on Kirkland, after talking to him Monday night.  On one hand, he won’t even probably visit Washington; on the other hand, since it’s his father’s alma mater and his childhood favorite, he probably wouldn’t have to visit to flip to UW.  He’s officially visiting Oregon midweek, and we think that the in-state Ducks could be more of a threat. But he told us he’s sticking with his official visit to UCLA this weekend, so more signs point toward the Bruins. – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


We know that McNeal has been a silent verbal to UCLA for a while, and even though he’s officially visiting Florida International this weekend, it’s more just a courtesy. We expect him to announce for UCLA after the visit.  – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


As we said in our most recent BRO Buzz, it appears UCLA and Ah You have gone their separate ways.  Wanting to play his freshman year in college made it difficult numbers-wise for UCLA to take him, and he also wanted to play for his dad, who's a coach at BYU. -- Scout Mountain Recruiting Expert, Blair Angulo


Stephen Carr, after officially visiting USC last weekend, looks to be shutting down his recruitment, cancelling in-home visits with other schools planned for this week.   – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


Weddington decommitted from Washington after he was accepted into and offered by Stanford. Stanford is his dream school. He’s visiting UCLA this weekend just because the UCLA official visit is considered such a great one.  – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


Verdell did officially visit Utah last weekend, and new UCLA running backs coach DeShaun Foster is trying to get an in-home visit with him after Scott White did his part in keeping UCLA hopes slightly alive.  But haven’t heard anything that would lead us to believe that Verdell will flip from his Oregon commitment.  – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


Even with UCLA offering Thompson about a month ago, it very much seems like the Thompson ship has sailed for UCLA.  – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


Even thought recruiter extraordinaire Angus McClure won’t give up, we think Aumavae’s heart is with the Ducks, and his academics might make Oregon the only option he has between UCLA and Oregon. – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


UCLA hasn’t recruited Lenoir too seriously recently, since his recruitment has been a pretty fickle thing.  We would have picked USC a few weeks ago, but we’re hearing that USC and Lenoir might be mutually cooling off, too.  – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


Jaylon Redd and UCLA have always flirted. He was going to visit, and then UCLA told him to hold off.  Then he was going to visit this weekend, but we’re hearing that might not be happening.  He’s a soft verbal to Oregon, and he’s flirted with other schools too, like Nebraska, but we think he’ll end up as a Duck.  – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


After visiting UCLA, Smith wanted to commit, but UCLA told him to hold off, and he’s still waiting to see if UCLA will have a spot for him. It could just come down to numbers – not even defensive back numbers but overall numbers – whether UCLA has a spot for Smith. In the meantime, BYU has come on.  This is a tough one, because it’s a matter if UCLA has a spot and whether Smith is putt off enough after being asked to wait.  If we had to guess, we’d say UCLA ultimately has a ride for him and Smith gets over the hurt. – Scout West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman


There was a time when I thought Syracuse would remain in the hunt after both parties recently decided to part ways due to the Orange's no visit policy, but UCLA and Tennessee are the schools currently positioned best for Palmer's commitment. Tennessee made a strong impression back on the 13th with his official visit, but I'm hearing that UCLA really pushed all the right buttons and made a strong impression this past weekend when he visited Westwood. Palmer's high school teammate, Zack Sweeney, is also fresh off making a commitment to the Bruins, so that can only help. -- Scout Scout Recruiting Expert, Corey Bender


Harley, who might be better than his three-star ranking, hosted UCLA offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and Jim Mora last week for an in-home visit, and coming out of that meet-and-greet it was 50-50 whether he'd officially visit UCLA, but now Fisch has worked a little magic and gotten Harley to agree to officially visit UCLA this weekend.. Harley had been a longtime commit to West Virginia, then took an official visit to Miami, and then decommitted from West Virginia. Miami has been the program he's supported since childhood, and the Hurricane staff has been tagging him as a top priority for the past several months. UCLA is piquing the interest of several standouts at St. Thomas Aquinas, with Harley being the latest, but it's difficult seeing him turn away from the nearby 'Canes, even after a good visit to UCLA. -- Scout Scout Recruiting Expert, Corey Bender


There are not many reporters getting scoops out of the four-star offensive tackle. When he texted us the cryptic, “I love UCLA” after his UCLA visit, that’s the most we’ve gotten out of him in a long time. Watching what he has done, the first move for him on the recruiting front was to take an official visit to UCLA and the Bruins also spent time flying head coach Jim Mora down to meet with Zabié in front of that visit. That is the only clue we have right now and that clue tips the scales in favor of UCLA.  – Scout Midlands Recruiting Manager, Greg Powers


Martin, at various points, had indicated that he wanted to commit earlier if possible. That the process has taken this long tells me he has had some changes and a more difficult process than he anticipated. Michigan seemed to always be leading, but Notre Dame and Michigan State remain threats, while Ohio State is making a strong late run. But if he doesn’t visit Columbus this weekend, I'd have a hard time seeing him end up there. Out-of-region schools like Florida, UCLA and BYU have been in the mix, but I've always thought this is a kid who would stay closer to home. -- Scout Midwest Recruiting Manager, Allen Trieu


We have been predicting for the longest time that Jones would end up on the West Coast and UCLA and USC are the two he is considering out West. At the same time schools in the Southeast like Florida and Florida State have been pushing hard late down the stretch. He has a strong connection to UF, but as it sits right now we will still roll with the Trojans prediction. – Scout Midlands Recruiting Manager, Greg Powers


Maryland has been the team to beat for months. However, his visits to LSU and Oregon went well, and they are both in the mix. He was tentatively supposed to visit Michigan this weekend, but he switched it to a visit to Penn State, with UCLA on the outside looking in. The trip will obviously be huge, but I think it could come down to Maryland and Penn State, with long-time leader Maryland getting his signature next Wednesday.  -- Scout East Recruiting Expert, Michael Clark


Fields will be making his announcement on January 30th and, while listing a final six, the two best reactions he had towards official visit stops were at Arizona State and UCLA. He is now at the North American Championships where he will suit up for Team USA on January 28th. He will fly back home after and then announce. ASU is the current best guess on how it will play out with the four-star safety on decision day, and UCLA could be filled up on its DB recruiting.  – Scout Midlands Recruiting Manager, Greg Powers

PREDICTION: Arizona State

It appeared Seawards moved on from waiting for a UCLA offer when he visited Boise State this last weekend and committed following the trip. But UCLA just offered him Tuesday and he tells us he expects to follow through on this weekend's scheduled visit to campus along with teammate Jax Wacaser, who committed to the Bruins recently. This is based on very little but a gut feel, but we think the visit to sunny California (and it is supposed to be sunny and in the 70s this weekend) and Wacaser recruiting him will be enough to get him over UCLA waiting to offer him. -- Scout Mountain Recruiting Expert, Blair Angulo


We don't think UCLA is aggressively recruiting Peat at this point and he's been difficult to track down in recent months. He took an official visit to the school he transferred out of, Michigan State, and there have been some questions about his academics given that it was the reason why he left East Lansing in the first place. He could transfer back to Michigan State just by getting in good academic standing and not miss any time, as opposed to having to receive his AA to transfer to UCLA. -- Scout Mountain Recruiting Expert, Blair Angulo

PREDICTION: Michigan State

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