Noah is Back in Business

6-10 frontcourt prospect <b>Joakim Noah</b> has returned from vacation, is ready to start school -- and ready for recruiting. He has a list of schools, and so far has arranged one visit, but he's eyeballing a few more...

After a long vacation, it's back to business this week for Joakim Noah, the 6-10 SR PF/C, who is now at Lawrenceville (New Jersey) Prep. He begins school this week and seeks to build on a terrific summer.

"I'm back in business," Noah said. "I'm pumped. I'm hyped and ready to get back. I've been back for three days now and I've been back working out."

Working out and hitting the weights, that is what's going to lead to future success for the forward. Right now, he's thin but agile, skilled and plays with passion. He's beginning to come into his own as a prospect and the timing couldn't be better.

The list reads Maryland, Florida, UCLA, Duke, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Stanford, Connecticut and Villanova. That's a lengthy set of schools but Noah took an extended family vacation this summer and didn't spend the time cutting his list, plus there are about four schools he knows he'd like to visit.

Maryland actually has a trip set up for Sept. 20. He also wants to visit Florida, UCLA and Duke. He says all but Duke have offered. "[Duke's] interested but they haven't told me they've offered." In a perfect world, he'd visit all four of them and then select a fifth school to visit from the previous list.

"Good academics and a team that's willing to go all the way and win the whole thing [are important]. Fitting in won't be a problem. I just want somewhere that I can fit in. I'm looking forward to winning, having a good time and doing what I can to become a better player."

Noah's a pretty grounded young man and he's had a pretty good role model. His father, Yannick Noah, the French tennis star turned pop music icon, has been a big help.

"I definitely learned work ethic from my father. He's the person I look up to most in the world. I look up to him because everything he does he wants to be successful at, but it's not something you do overnight. You've gotta work hard and then hopefully good things will happen. That's what it's about. The strongest survive."

And Noah is getting stronger.

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