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The marching band makes a surprise appearance on Spaulding Field, and the team has a good week of practice, including quarterback Cory Paus. Also, a partial list of the recruits scheduled to be in attendance Saturday...


-- The UCLA band ran out onto Spaulding Field at the end of practice Thursday, surrounded the team and then played "Sons of Westwood" and other Bruin band standards. Head Coach Bob Toledo has done this every year before the home opener.

-- Reserve punter Chris Kluwe injured the knee on his kicking leg, reportedly while at home, watching television. He was on crutches at practice and wearing a brace, and will reportedly undergo an MRI.

-- Tab Perry has a minor injury to his finger that isn't considered serious.

-- Whether Ed Ieremia-Stansbury will play will be determined on game day. His ankle sprain has improved, but he hasn't practiced all week. Matt Stanley will start.

-- Ken Kocher is expected to play, but Anthony Fletcher will start at defensive tackle.

-- The new alterations to the home uniform will be unveiled Saturday. The word is that the color of gold has been standardized to the shiny gold. The numbers are sewn on, like they were for the new away uniforms, and highlighted in blue, rather than black. And the blue of the jersey has been darkened slightly.

-- Some of the biggest-named recruits that are planning on attending Saturday's game:

Ben Olson, QB
Drew Olson, QB
Matt Moore, QB
Lorenzo Booker, RB
Whitney Lewis, JR WR
Winston Justice, OL
Rhema McKnight, WR
Fred Matua, DL/OL
Joe Garcia, DB
C.J. Niusulu, DL
Kevin Harbour, DL

Reportedly, if just a fraction of the recruits attend the game that have indicated they will, it will be one of the biggest turnouts for recruits at a home game in the last few years.

Head Coach Bob Toleldo comments...

On excitement over this year's team…

"It's a special team. I told them that from the beginning. There's a special feeling, great chemistry. They have a great attitude. I really like this football team right now."

On preparing for OSU…

By watching the film, we saw a lot of their personnel, and a lot of what they're going to do. The first game you're going to do what you're going to do. They might add to it. But we prepared for a lot of things, so we just have to see what they do."

On the quality of practice this week…

"It was a good week of practice. We went pads Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And half pads today. Their attitude is really good and they worked really hard."

On the attitude of the team and whether the terrorist attacks are a distraction…

"I think come Saturday they'll be very focused and ready to play the game. As the days go on, it becomes less of a distraction. When you're a coach or a player, this is my job, and it's kind of their job. There's a time to move on with your life. And it's that time."

On security at the Rose Bowl…

"I think it will be one of the safest places to be because they've taken so many measures to make it safe. They've really gone out of their way to check things and make sure it is safe."

On OSU quarterback Steve Bellisari…

"He's very talented. Heck of an athlete. You can tell he has good leadership skills. He has a lot of ability. He can beat you with his arm and he can beat you with his leg. In the first game, he threw some nice balls, he ran around real well. He got hit from the side. I would have fumbled that one too, getting hit the way he got hit. I think he's a good athlete."

On the atmosphere of such a big game…

"You have two ranked teams. Two outstanding universities. Two very rich football traditions. A great crowd. National TV audience. It's big-time football. There will be a lot of eyes on us Saturday."

On Cory Paus's development this week…

"I think in the last two days he's improved quite a bit. Monday he was a little shaky, Tuesday he was little bit better. But the last two days he's thrown the ball considerably better. I want to see consistency out of him. I want him to make the routine pass. That's something that we haven't done. If he does that, we'll be fine."

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