Chris Brown

Video Scouting: UCLA RB Target Chris Brown

Feb. 15 -- UCLA was the first offer for 2018 running back Chris Brown a year ago, and now will new UCLA running backs coach DeChaun Foster prioritize him? What kind of prospect is Brown?

Tape Evaluation

It's natural to think that new UCLA running backs coach DeShaun Foster will recruit running backs that were similar to himself -- big, physical types.  It's then natural to believe Foster will be all over Chris Brown, and we've actually heard it's true, that Foster is making Brown a top priority.  Brown is 6-0+ and probably 205 to 210, and that's in the winter of his junior year in high school.  He's pretty well-built already, but there is some room physically for him to get even bigger. We could see him top out at 220 after a while in a college program. He's actually very similar to Foster when he was at Tustin High, a real downhill, straight-ahead runner that sheds arm tackles.  There's just enough shake-and-bake to Brown; he usually will make just one cut and get up-field and, like Foster, he has a great stiff arm. He has decent quickness for his size, but not great top-end speed (much like Foster, too). His game is all about running with his momentum forward and breaking tackles. What's also interesting about Brown is that he's an exceptional strong safety, with great instincts and a penchant for hitting people.  When we saw Brown at UCLA's camp last summer he definitely looked the part and was the revelation of the camp. 

What We Want to See In Person

It'd be great if Brown showed some speed in camps this spring -- something like a 4.5 would be great.  We'd also like to see that he still has a little bit of lankiness to him, that he's not completely topped out physically and has room to add some weight and muscle. For a running back it's always tough to show well at camps and 7-on-7s, especially for a big back who doesn't rely on shiftiness. It would be good, though, for him to show some short-area quickness in one-on-one drills.  Displaying natural pass-catching is always good, and you wouldn't want it to be something he had to develop in college. Brown is currently a four-star prospect, the No. 17-ranked running back in the nation, and he'll have to flash some speed and quickness this spring and summer to move up or to keep from sliding.  Brown is scheduled to participate in the Under Armour camp in Los Angeles this Sunday. 

Chris Brown

Recruiting Currently Brown has six offers, from UCLA, Oregon State, Utah, Arizona, Washington State and Boston College. UCLA was the first to offer last June and we know the Bruins were his leader for a while, until the turnover at the UCLA running backs coaching spot.  As we said above, we've heard that Foster wants to prioritize Brown, and we'll hear this weekend from Brown about his contact with Foster has been so far. We could absolutely see UCLA getting Brown, and being happy with him as either the lone RB commitment for 2018 or as part of a duo of backs UCLA takes in the class. Brown is also getting recruiting attention as a safety, and his ability to play that position, or like a mini-linebacker spot in college, makes him even more valuable as a recruit.  

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