Efseaff: "We'll Be Ready"

The junior starting left guard, <b>Eyoseph Efseaff</b> talks about expectations for the season, the offensive line, being the veteran of the group and playing next to Steve Vieira again...

Entering his third season as a starter, Eyoseph Efseaff comes in to 2003 picked by many to be a First Team All Pac-10 selection after a 2nd Team season a year ago. He talks about the new offensive system, playing next to Steve Vieira and representing for Porterville.

BRO: You're now the wily veteran of the line, having started more games up front than anyone. How has camp gone so far?

Efseaff : "It's been real good to be the leader. You get a say in a lot of stuff. As a unit it's gotten a lot better, and each day we are getting better. We were a little rusty at the beginning, but we'll show we're ready to go."

BRO: As offensive linemen, you don't get a lot of recognition, but you've blocked for a pair of record-setting running backs the last two seasons, so obviously you are doing something right. Do you take a lot of pride in that?

Efseaff : "Oh, hell yeah. We have a really good coach that pushes us every single day, and even when you don't want to do more, he gets on your ass, screaming and yelling, getting you after it. We don't have to do a lot, don't have to run or catch, so we have to do it up front."

BRO: After your last two years of always playing next to Bryce Bohlander, is it a little weird seeing a fellow guard, Steve Vieira, now next to you?

Efseaff : "It's different. It didn't take long playing with Bryce to know what each other was doing. But I played with Steve freshman year on the scout team, and we worked real well together. We're going to make a good left side."

BRO: So with your experience, and your ability to run block, are you telling the coaches to run everything to the left?

Efseaff : "I'm telling them every time, run it to the left, run it to the left. We'll get them their 4-5 yards every time."

BRO: You were an unknown when you committed to UCLA, and were still considered a question mark, yet now you're a Preseason Second Team All-American (Street & Smith) and a consensus Preseason First Team All- Pac 10 pick. How has that transformation taken place?

Efseaff : "Simply put: Hard work. Great strength coaches. If you think about it, we've had five of them. Two interim and three coaches, so I've gotten a little bit from them each time. From the first one to Doc Kreis, we run a lot. We work our butts off in the off-season. Each year I've gotten in better shape. This is the best shape I've been in."

BRO: The NFL is not in your future, so does it add more to each game you play?

Efseaff : "The difference between myself and everyone else is that most of the guys want to play in the NFL. I'm just happy to play right now, college football, I've got my opportunity. I treat each game like it's my last, have fun, do my job, take pride in what I do and have a good time. I love it."

BRO: Not too many people come out of Porterville and have made a splash.

Efseaff: "I have pride for the Central Valley, not a lot of people come out of there. Whenever we do, we have to show everyone how tough we are. Everyone thinks we are a bunch of hillbillies, and yeah, I live out in the country, and now I'm down here showing Porterville pride."

BRO: You miss Ken Kocher, always fighting with him?

Efseaff : (laughing) "I have a little chip on my shoulder. I've been on my best behavior, though, this year. Coach Dorrell doesn't like us fighting, so I respect his wishes not to fight the defensive line guys. I've been nice. I haven't gotten soft, but nice to my teammates."

BRO: You lost Bryce Bohlander and Mike Saffer and plug in some younger guys. How have they been doing and how have you helped them adjust?

Efseaff : "I feel like Steve and I need to show them leadership. Paul (Mociler) is a good player, and he is fitting right in. Shane (Lehmann) has played a lot of football. Big Ed (Blanton) is doing a fantastic job. He is going to be a great player. Everyone is helping them out."

BRO: You've started in Alabama, you've played in Husky Stadium, the Coliseum, so I'm guessing that Colorado and Oklahoma aren't going to be too intimidating.

Efseaff : "Naw. It's the point where you don't get intimidated. You can't be scared, you just play your best and do what you can do. We'll be ready."

BRO: You're picked 6th in the Pac-10. How did the team respond?

Efseaff: "Pick us that low and we are going to shock the world."

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