Jack Lamb (Blair Angulo)

Four-star Linebacker Jack Lamb Breaks Down His UCLA Offer and Recent Visit

Mar. 7 -- Scout.com caught up with four-star linebacker Jack Lamb at the adidas 7v7 National Championship to discuss his impressive stretch of scholarship offers last week and recent visit to UCLA...

The scholarship offers for Jack Lamb have arrived in bunches.

Boise StateUCLAUtahOregonColorado StateWashingtonNew Mexico and Arizona State, in that order, joined the chase for the four-star linebacker from Temecula (Calif.) Great Oak in a short, three-day span last week.

"It was honestly hard to comprehend at first," Lamb told Scout.com at the adidas 7v7 National Championship. "It all just happened so fast that I didn't really know what to think. Obviously it's a great feeling to have options like those now and I'll have to take some time to really explore all of those options."


Of those new offers, Lamb said he isn't necessarily prioritizing visits but is scheduled to take a trip up to Seattle to see the Huskies up close on Apr. 4 over his spring break, with the possibility that he could swing a stop by Eugene that same week.

"I'm just going into these visits as open-minded as possible, not let any other school influence the next school that I go to," Lamb said. "Every school is going to try to sell that they're the best, so I've got to be blind to that and go with what I think.

"For Washington, I've talked to coach (Bob) Gregory and it was more so that they don't give out many scholarships. They don't just deal them out like some schools do to any kid. They want to offer the right kids and that meant a lot to me -- it feels special knowing you're one of the few offers they send out. And with Oregon, I was able to take a call during school and they were talking about coming down to see me work out in the spring. They want to see me get in front of them so they can see what I can do."

Lamb took his second visit to nearby UCLA last Tuesday to meet with the coaches there and was able to pick up the offer while on campus, which made it a special experience.

"Getting that offer was just a great feeling, especially since my sister already goes there," Lamb said. "I have that sibling connection there and that's been a top school for me even before this recruiting process started. It's always been a school I had in mind, especially being close to home, as much as I'm trying to keep the emotional part of it, you can't really control it.

"I met with coach (Scott) White and we talked about me playing mike linebacker there, but they also want me on slot receivers and being able to come back into the box. I also had a great talk with coach (Jim) Mora and he's an all-around great guy. It was kind of nerve-wracking at first walking into that office knowing you're going to talk to the head coach at UCLA; you're sweating a little bit. But they calmed me down because they're nice people."

Lamb also got a chance to see the new football-only facility that is being built, calling it a "game-changer for the program." He said it's still too early to announce a list of favorites since his list seemingly keeps growing by the week, but he does have a timeframe for a decision.

"I'm going to wait until it settles down a little bit, until I have a list of places I know where I can go," Lamb said. "My plan is decide some time before senior season just to get that stress off my shoulders."

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