Takkarist McKinley Talks at UCLA Pro Day

Mar. 21 -- The UCLA defensive end didn't participate since he's still recovering from shoulder surgery, but Takkarist McKinley talked about his pro prospects Tuesday...

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Takkarist McKinley talked Tuesday at UCLA's Pro Day.  

The talented senior defensive end didn't participate because he's still recovering from recent shoulder surgery.

But he talked about his pro prospects, the feedback he's gotten on his draft stock, and how the shoulder injury might impact his draft status. 

On his surgery:

It went good. I'm in rehab Monday through Saturday.  Im trying to hit the rehab hard and get healthy.  The surgery was after the combine. I had surgery in Colorado.  

On feedback he's getting:

Their biggest thing is what's the plan on me getting back. They want to know the plan, how it will be treated, what's the deal. When they find out the plan, at the end of the day, they worry about what I do on the field.

On his rehab:

The doctor uses big terms. Its fixed and four months from now, I'll be ready to hit the field again.

On who performed the surgery:

Dr. Millet did the surgery and he's one of the best shoulder doctors in the country, and my agent thought that was the best place to get it done.

On watching his teammates at Pro Day:

It sucks, because I do wish I was out there and do what I love to do, but since I'm not, I'm here to support my family and my teammates. It's not always about me. Its about the other guys.  Its been great.

On meeting with teams:

Yessir, plenty of visits and a lot coming up.  First visit is April 2nd with Cleveland than meetings back to back to back to back.

On his hair:

It's slowly getting there, though I need a shower cap right now. Its slowly getting there though.

On trying to get his hair like Jayon Brown:

I'm not doing that. I don't know what he's doing. His hair looks like spaghetti. I'm ok.  My hair is hanging in my face. 

On his hair being too long and fair game in the NFL:

That's ok, I played with a torn shoulder for two years. And I've lost about three dreads. I dedicated one of my games to my dreads, Arizona.

On what teams say when they find out he played two years with the shoulder injury:

Obviously, it showed toughness and competitiveness and my will to play through the pain. Dealing with the injury for so long, it didn't really faze me.

On being back to 100%:

I honestly didn't want to get the surgery. I missed the Senior Bowl and wanted to play in that. I missed Pro Day, wanted to participate in that. If it was up to me, I wouldn't have gotten it, but your body is your money and your body is your future so you have to get it fixed.

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