Jayon Brown on His Performance at UCLA Pro Day

Mar. 21 -- UCLA middle linebacker Jayon Brown talked about his performance at UCLA Pro Day, his versatility and how he improved from the NFL Combine...

Jayon Brown talked to the media after he participated in UCLA Pro Day. 

On his Pro Day:

I think everything went well. I improved on numbers from Indiana and it was a successful day. I heard I ran a 4.58 for laser and improved my bench from 17 to 20 today. And finished out some drills I didn't finish out in Indy.

On how he feels physically:

It's the best shape I've ever been in. Its been a strict schedule of working out, it's the best shape I've been in.

On if he's still in school:

Yeah, this is my last week. After this quarter, I'm officially graduated. 

On the quarter system keeping them from OTA's:

If I graduate early, I'll be able to do it so it pushed me to take more classes to graduate early. You come in and get out of here in 3.5 years. Schools ask me if I'm done with school and I tell them I'm done this quarter.

On his 40 at the combine:

First one was a 4.7 and the second was a 4.67.  I feel like I made a big improvement.

On where he fits best, position-wise, in the NFL:

Anywhere they put me. I'm a football player. I can play anywhere. Outside, inside, safety, the edge. Wherever.

On individual workouts:

I'm not sure yet, we'll see what happens.

On coming back and working with his teammates:

It's fun. Coming back and getting under Coach Alosi, he's going to get us right and to perform at a high level.

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