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Bruins Perform at UCLA Pro Day

Mar. 21 -- The Bruin seniors put it all on the line Tuesday for a big contingent of NFL scouts....

There was a big turnout on UCLA's IM Field Tuesday, both in terms of NFL scouts and UCLA players -- those participating and those looking on. 

Some of the former Bruins in attendance were Brett Hundley, Caleb Benenoch, Paul Perkins, Kenny Clark and Jordan Payton. There were probably 25-30 current players watching, including a beefed-up Josh Rosen, and freshman defensive end Jaelan Phillips.

Overall the most noticeable thing was just how jacked all of the seniors were.  It's amazing what a few months of just working out can do for you.  

And, as always, for whatever reason the numbers for the testing always seem to be a little fast at UCLA, whether it's at Spaulding Field or the IM. Perhaps it's just how well strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi prepares his UCLA players for Pro Day.  

Defensive end Takkarist McKinley was in attendance, but didn't participate since he's recovering from his shoulder surgery.  Fabian Moreau was also there but didn't participate, certainly feeling he didn't need to after he did so well at the NFL Combine.

Takkarist McKinley

The Bruin seniors participating were:

LB Jayon Brown

We're going to say this about everyone, but Brown looked the biggest he's ever been, both in his upper body and lower.  He went through the drills well, even though he slipped on the wet turf.  He told us he ran a 4.57, which was an improvement on the times he registered at the NFL Combine.

LB Isaako Savaiinaea

Looked a bit slimmed down and more defined and, for how big he is, looked solid in the drills. 

LB Cameron Judge

Judge looked like he's slimmer through his waist but bigger in his upper body.  He ran a very smooth 40, moved well in the drills, but had a couple of slips.

DE Deon Hollins working out as a linebacker

Hollins probably looked the most physically changed from the season, probably 245+, with added thickness throughout his body, particularly in his lower half.  He looked a bit slower in the drills than the other linebackers.  He reportedly ran a 4.47 and a 4.43 in the 40. 

DT Eddie Vanderdoes 

He said he was in the best shape of his life, at 303 pounds, having lost upward of 30 since the season. He looks like a different person, and had some explosion for a player his size.  He didn't test, since he was happy with the numbers he put up at the NFL Combine, but still wanted to participate to show his competitiveness to the NFL scouts on hand. 

Eddie Vanderdoes

DT Eli Ankou

He looks huge, about 330 pounds, and it's all muscle. In the 40, once he got upright, he ran with a smoothness that just isn't typical for someone 330 pounds.  He appeared a bit stiff in his torso, but went through the drills with some quickness. 

Eli Ankou

CB Marcus Rios

Rios already had some jacked-out arms, but they look even bigger.  He's not a flexible athlete, but actually showed quickness in the 40 and the drills.

Safety Randall Goforth

We were impressed with Goforth. Physically it had to be the best we'd ever seen him, with some considerable upper-body development, and he ran the 40 and moved in the drills with explosion and fluidity.

Safety Tahaan Goodman

Physically fit the part, ran well in the 40, but looked a little raw in the drills. 

QB Mike Fafaul

Fafaul ran the receivers through all the drills and, while throwing a nice ball, was a bit inaccurate at times.  

OL Conor McDermott

The big tackle looked very good, in great shape and showing great bend and length as the scouts put him through a few drills. 

TE Nate Iese

One of the most impressive overall, Iese looked a bit slimmer in his torso but more cut in his upper body.  He ran some good routes, and showed good length and athleticism in going up for the ball.

WR/DB Ishmael Adams

The two-way player went two ways Tuesday. He looked good and explosive running routes as a receiver, and caught everything thrown to him, and on the defensive side he had a very quick back pedal and flipped his hips well. We think the day had to help Adams' stock.

WR Kenny Walker

We knew Walker was a blazer, and he showed it, running a 4.26 40.  There were a couple of deep balls that Fafaul put out there and Walker turned on the jets and ran under them, to the awe of the crowd. He still looked a bit raw in his ball-catching, but he caught everything we saw.

RB Jordon James

The ex-Bruin participated, looked bigger physically and just as fast. 

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