UCLA DT Eddie Vanderdoes on His NFL Status

Mar. 22 -- UCLA defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes talked about his NFL Draft status at UCLA Pro Day Tuesday...

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Eddie Vanderdoes, the UCLA defensive tackle, answered questions from the media Tuesday at UCLA's Pro Day.

He didn't test but participated in the drills, having already put up strong numbers at the NFL Combine April 27th in Indianapolis. 

Vanderdoes left UCLA a year early after last season, with one more year of eligibility remaining. 

On his Pro Day:

I did good.  They came out here to check out my cardio, got me going but I thought I did really well.  I slipped a couple of times cause it's raining. But all in all, I thought I did well.  I tested at the combine and was satisfied with my numbers there.

On how he feels after shedding 40 pounds:

It feels way better. Its a lot easier being down 40 pounds obviously.  I feel stronger, I feel better. I feel really good. I'm glad the weight I'm at right now.  The weight, whoever drafts me, if they want me as a nose or a 3-tech, the weight can vary from there.

On if he was advised to lose weight:

Honestly, it was my decision. I knew personally I had to. It was my decision.  Scouts wanted me down in weight and I've done that in a couple months. Thats not an issue anymore. Now its improving my cardio and body.

On being back at UCLA working out:

It has been great. Its always nice to come back to this beautiful campus and program. I'm here a couple times a week working with Coach Angus, getting me right. Angus is a really good D-Line coach.   

On who he's been talking with:

I have a few workouts set up. Getting them scheduled out.

On what he's trying to prove to teams:

That I'm in phenomenal shape right now. I'm as athletic as ever. I can play any position. I can play the three, the nose, the 4i. Just looking to see what they think.

On his weight:

Today I checked in at 301.  I played at 330+ last season.  My knee never hurt once this past season. The offseason, I felt great at 328-330.  Strongest I've ever felt, running well.  I then suffered three ankle sprains during the season and then a PCL sprain I didn't miss any time. The first ankle sprain was the Stanford game, the second was two days before the Washington State game and the third one was right before the Colorado game. I kept playing. I wasn't really worried about what that might have done.  But after missing the previous season because of an injury, I wanted to play every game. 

On his focus:

I can't complain about my job. Make sure my body is right, the right things are in my body. I'm going to keep focusing on that.  Focus on the playbook. 

On seeing teammates in the league that come back:

I'm happy for them, and I'm happy I'm able to do that.  I'm finally to the step I've been dreaming about since I was a little kid and I can keep capitalizing on the situation right now.

On his schedule:

The schedule before the combine was working at Exos.  They did a good job getting me in shape and on my diet. Now my schedule is I wake up at 9:30, eat breakfast, then workout till noon. Then I'll come out to the field, get some bag work in then work out with Angus a couple times a week.

On if he's enjoying it:

I love every second of it. Every day I sit and relax, I have a smile on my face, I love what I'm doing and what I have ahead of me.

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