UCLA QB Josh Rosen Talks After Day 1 of Spring Practice

Apr. 4 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen spoke to reporters following the first day of spring practice about his return to the field, the strength of his shoulder, his first impressions of new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and more...

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On how he felt being back:

It felt really good. It has been a while since I played football. I've been throwing some routes on air throughout the winter.  Its cool to get to full speed with all the guys on the field.

On the difficulty of being out for most of last year:

It sucked. It wasn't as much with what was happening around the conference, being seeing our guys on the field grinding and knowing you're not out there with them.  

On the buzz on Sam Darnold:

Everyone knows how good they are and they have that internal scoreboard. I know where I'm at and will keep doing what I'm doing.

On how long after surgery he was able to start throwing:

I couldn't tell you an exact date but I got to full speed a few weeks ago.  I don't feel any pain there.

On the injury being a soft tissue injury:

That's what it was. Almost a pulled hamstring like injury. Honestly, it turned into a positive more so because I've learned more than I can about my body through the rehab process. I'm still in there for rehab, five or six days a week. It will help you stay healthy for longer.  

On working with Jedd Fisch:

I love Coach Fisch. Me and Wilton Speight are really good friends, the quarterback over at Michigan, and we've talked about him and they're really close. He gave me insight before I ended up meeting him. Its been great. He's really smart, knows all his stuff and really good at explaining everything. We've been tweaking stuff here and there. I'm a fan of it so far. Its all going in a positive direction. 

On how much he expects the offense to change:

I said it last year, going from the spread to pro, you're not going to reinvent football, power is power, counter is counter, route concepts don't change. You change procedural things. The offense, you're not changing it, just how it looks, and this year its more presentation and procedural things. 

On goals for the coming year:

Going day by day, hopefully the accolades come in as you keep pushing. Get better every day and at the end of the road, you find yourself a lot further ahead. Everything from team accolades to individual accolades, all the chips will fall in place.

On if the injury reinforced that thinking:

Yeah, honestly, I'm lucky.  A lot of guys with full reconstructive surgery, out eight, nine months, it takes a real strong mental toll. I was a pretty quick 4-5 months and back in the swing of things quickly. It gave me a new fresh perspective and I got to hit that emotional bottom pretty quickly and back on the horse pretty early. I've learned a lot about my body, my nutrition has gotten better. There is a little bit of a fire. In college, you're going 45, 46, 47 weeks a year and when it's taken away, you don't realize what you have until you didn't have it.  

On if he knew it was that minor:

That's why you have doctors and scans, I didn't.  Diagnostic scopes went in.  They knew it was messed up, but didn't know where.  They went in and said best case scenario and I'm really happy.

On if he was afraid it was something more serious:

Hell yeah.

On if it was something that progressively got worse or if it occurred against Arizona State:

It occurred against Arizona State. It was sort of after a week or two to see if I could rehab through it. Like tearing your hamstring, seeing if you can kind of get into it, but it ended up needing to be cleaned up.

On ultimately deciding to shut it down:

It was a little bit of stubbornness but I think its a stubbornness coaches appreciate.  It's like concussions in the NFL, they need doctors there. I was on the sideline, fully suited and I was, from an officiating standpoint, I was ready to go.

On how he played last year:

Not well enough.  3-3 isn't really so hot.  I could have played a lot better.

On talking with Jaelan Phillips and Darnay Holmes about early and high expectations:

Yeah, I've been pretty close with Darnay through the recruiting process. Jordan Payton was one of the players who mentored me when I first got here. He knows Darnay through Oaks Christian and Theo Howard too was at Oaks Christian, so I was helping him as much and giving him the heads up. When I came in, I was the only one coming in through the winter and was terrified. So it helps to have someone like that.

On if he's pushing for packages for Darnay:

I'm just trying to learn what's in front of me right now.

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