UCLA LB Kenny Young Talks After Day 1 of Spring Practice

Apr. 4 -- UCLA middle linebacker Kenny Young spoke to reporters about his new leadership role in the defense, the start of spring practice and what it's like to see Josh Rosen behind center again...

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On the return of Mique Juarez:

It was good to have him back. He took his first step today, first practice, it was good to have him back. We treat him the same, it's no different from anyone else. He got a lot of reps today, a lot of chances to learn. He'll be ok.

On stepping in to Jayon Brown's leadership role:

I think it just happens through the process. As you get started, you have 1,000 things to worry about. It will happen. First day, getting the guys going, the energy was good.  Coming from four wins last year, everyone knows the deal this year, there is no preaching or motivational speeches. One goal, everyone together to have fun. 

On DeChaun Holiday seeking advice from him:

He did a lot in the offseason. Right now, he's competing to be the starting SAM so I spent a couple days with him this last winter, breaking down the terminology, things to look out for and what to take his game to the next level.  He has a lot of learning to do.  He's a young guy and will take some bumps in the road. He's coachable, athletic and smart and it won't be a problem for him.

On the goals for the linebackers:

For us when things get hard, keep our foot on the gas, that's the main thing. What happens the fifth week of practice, what drives you to keep going. When it gets to that moment, I'll explain how to handle the situation. We have a great group of linebackers and a lot on their way to reaching their pinnacle. A lot of talented guys. It's good to be back out here with them and run around and make plays.

On the return of Josh Rosen:

It felt good, I started smiling as soon as we got in team period. Josh has carried a lot of weight on his shoulders. I could see the energy and he's not taking anything for granted. It was good to see him back,. We have a good shot to win a championship with him back. There is something different about Josh Rosen, he's a special kid. Great things are ahead of him as long as he stays humble, he'll be fine. Like I said, it's all maturity, you learn when you play this game at a high level, at a significant position like quarterback, everything matters.  I think he's learned from that injury, same way I've learned from previous injuries. Its upon him to take care of his bodies. He knows what he has to do. He'll be fine, he'll be healthy.

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