UCLA Center Scott Quessenberry Talks New OL Coach Hank Fraley

Apr. 5 -- UCLA starting center Scott Quessenberry spoke about what new assistant coaches Hank Fraley and Jedd Fisch bring to the table, the return of Josh Rosen and more...

If you can't view the video above, try the version below:

On new offensive line coach Hank Fraley:

It has been great. Coach Fraley is a good guy, great coach, great player, knows a lot about the game and he'll get us better as a unit.  

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On new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch:

Coach Fisch is awesome, extremely intelligent, knows what to run, when to run it, gets people in the right position to succeed. 

On the difference between Fraley and former OL coach:

They preach pretty much the same thing, the way they act on and off the field is different, but not really much is extremely different, they're just different personalities.

On the difference in the offense:

We talked about last year, all offenses derive from the same, but calls might be a little different. What we'll do as a team, he'll figure out what we run well as a unit, and we'll major in that.

On having Josh Rosen back:

Great. Josh was moving well in the pocket. We'll be on the same page on offense this year and it was a bummer not having him most of last year, but we have him this year.

On if he looked rusty:

Not really. He's been throwing for a while, his shoulder looks healthier, he's strong and had a really good winter. We're excited to have him back.

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