UCLA WR Darren Andrews Likes New Offensive Staff

Apr. 7 -- UCLA wide receiver Darren Andrews shared his first impressions of new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and position coach Jimmie Dougherty...

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On the new offense:

It felt good coming out the first day. It doesnt feel like too much is going on, everyone seems to know what they are doing, as opposed to last year, when we were trying to learn a new offense. I think overall, the first two days, it's been pretty good.

On why its going well:

I think the coaching staff came in here and set the standard, they didn't come here to play around. Everyone is trying to play.

On the new playbook:

Its a lot but we're going in to practice with different installs instead of all at once. But it is the biggest playbook we've gotten here. I like it. You have to know what you're talking about and what everybody is talking about.

On Jedd Fisch:

I like him. People say he's strict and a stickler, but he's very detailed. He wants it his way at the right depth.  He's very precise, I like it.  We do what he tells us to do.  I like it, its self-explanatory.  Its like a school, if a teacher tells you certain things for an essay, you do it that way. Do it his way or its the highway.

On if that approach is different from before:

I think it was fine, it wasn't too loose, but it definitely wasn't as strict as it was now. We go over that in meetings.  If it says 15, don't go 15.5, go 15.  

On if its easier to understand the new concepts:

I think it is.

On new receivers coach Jimmie Dougherty:

Its good, I like it. He's a lot of fun.  All the coaches are fun and different but they know exactly what they're talking about and we have to buy in to what they're teaching.

On impressions on younger receivers:

All of them. We have Theo Howard, Demetric Felton, he was hurt and he's coming back. Everyone looks good, I'm excited.

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