UCLA's Kolton Miller Talks Move From Right to Left Tackle

Apr. 7 -- UCLA offensive lineman Kolton Miller spoke about his move from right to left tackle, his recovery from last year's broken ankle, new offensive staff members and more...

On being back:

It feels great getting back out here. I was getting tired of last year, watching the guys play. I’m real excited and been excited the past two days and looking forward to Saturday when we’re in pads.

On the move to left tackle:

It’s not easy switching from right to left, but I did my redshirt year, backing up Caleb (Benenoch) and Conor (McDermott), so just trying to get some work in at left and trying to develop that skill set.

On the biggest adjustment making the switch:

When you kick or pass set or running off the ball, you may be more or less explosive so you’re trying to develop that explosiveness, exploding off your run block. It’s different when you switch your stance. 

On new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch:

I really like him, he brought a lot of new stuff here. A lot of terminology to learn. I’m really excited for the season. We have a big playbook to learn and it’s only day two, but I’m excited.

On the new playbook:

It’s a lot more. 

On if the offense feels different:

Yeah, I guess so.  It’s a new offense, new plays, so it will be different. 

On new OL coach Hank Fraley:

Really like him, he’s had 10 years of experience in the NFL and he was a center so he’s really quick knowing everything and explaining everything really well. I’m excited to work with him. 

On the difference between Fraley and Adrian Klemm:

We’ve been doing a little more drills, I would say he’s more of a teach guy.

On if there is a different focus in the weight room:

There could be, we just have our lift cards.  I don’t notice it as a player, we could be doing more, I just don’t notice it.

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