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UCLA Assistant Ed Schilling to IU; Who Replaces Him?

Apr. 10 -- BRO reported a few days ago it was likely UCLA assistant Ed Schilling would take an assistant job at Indiana, and it looks more likely now. So, who are the candidates to replace him at UCLA?

Late last week we reported hearing UCLA assistant basketball coach Ed Schilling was likely taking an assistant job at Indiana University.

On Sunday night, ESPN's Jeff Goodman reported that Schilling would indeed be part of Indiana's staff under new head coach Archie Miller. 

It has yet to be formally announced by Indiana, so it is not an absolutely done deal, but we've confirmed with sources that Schilling moving to Indiana is almost a certainty. 

Schilling has been at UCLA since 2013-2014, when he was hired by then-new head coach Steve Alford.  He has earned a reputation as a good Xs-and-Os coach and well-liked by players and in recruiting circles.  

The reasons for the move to Indiana with Miller are compelling:  Schilling is originally from Indiana, so he and his wife, who is a former Indiana Miss Basketball, would be returning home; He's coached at an Indiana high school, Park Tudor, which has been a feeder program to IU, and Schilling should be able to help boost recruiting with his ties to the state; and he is apparently close with Archie Miller, reportedly being the best man at the wedding of Sean Miller, the Arizona coach who is the older brother of Archie Miller.

For UCLA, Schilling, 51, was the guy on Alford's staff that had the most input into actual basketball tactics and player development.  He, however, didn't have that much impact on recruiting.  

So it will be interesting to see how Alford chooses to replace Schilling. Will he want to find someone that emphasizes coaching and tactics or bring in a recruiter?  Right now, on the UCLA staff is David Grace, who has most of the recruiting responsibilities, and Duane Broussard, whose role is greatly administrative and managerial.  

Craig Neal with Steve Alford at New Mexico

The most obvious choice to replace Schilling would be Craig "Noodles" Neal, the recently fired New Mexico head coach.  Neal, 53, had been an assistant for Alford at Iowa since 2004, and then moved to New Mexico with Alford in 2007.  When Alford was hired at UCLA, Neal was tapped as the New Mexico head coach.  In four seasons as the head guy, Neal went 76-52, but the program trailed off after starting 27-7 in his first season, barely over .500 in his last two seasons. A couple of players had left the program under Neal and reportedly a few others were thinking of leaving.  Neal, originally from Indiana, had a reputation as Alford's ace recruiter when he was on his staff.  As part of his contract, Neal will get $1 million in his New Mexico buyout, while it appears New Mexico snuck in firing Neal the night before his new contract year started, which would contractually force UNM to pay him an additional year of base salary had they fired him after the deadline. 

Probably another candidate would be Ryan Miller, a former assistant of Alford's at New Mexico who is now considered the top assistant at TCU under Jamie Dixon.

We would expect that Tyus Edney, UCLA's current director of basketball operations and former UCLA great, to get consideration. 

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