Comments from Drew Olson

The sophomore quarterback, <b>Drew Olson</b>, came in off the bench and performed well against Colorado. Monday he answered questions about his performance and about the season as the newfound starter...

Comments by Drew Olson...

With Matt Moore out, do you think it will be your job to lose?

"That's more of a coaches' question. I just go out there and compete and we'll see what happens."

Do you think Marcedes Lewis is going to be a big target for you this year?

"You look around the Pac-10. Mike Williams is hard to cover. Reggie Williams -- hard to cover. Guys who are 6-6 and can run and are athletic, it's not easy to cover them. I think Marcedes is the same way. I think he has the same effect for our offense."

How much of a positive will it be to have your first home game?

"Home field is always big in football. It's nice to have the crowd on your side. Boulder is a college environment and a pretty loud place to play. It will just be nice to play back at home. I think everyone's looking forward to it."

What are the issues the offense needs to improve on?

"Penalites. Penalties killed us. We made a lot of big plays and we had some penalties called. We need a run game. I think it's there. I don't think it was where we needed it to be on Saturday. Between executing in the run game and being focused and not getting penalties, I think we'll see a huge difference this week."

What happened during the competition during fall camp for the starting QB position?

"I think during the fall camp, I just wasn't as focused as I should have been. I really didn't put myself in a great situation to succeed throughout camp. That happens. And I ended up losing the job. Even though I came out of spring a step ahead you just have to keep working at it. I might not have done that, and kept as focused as where I should have been. My preparation off the field I thought was good. I just think on the field it wasn't where it needed to be. My focus in spring was a lot better than it was during fall camp.

"I can't tell you why. I wish I knew. But I'll try not to let it happen. Even leading up to when they named Matt the starter I felt that I had started to get my mind into IT more than at the beginning of fall."

What grade would you give yourself for the Colorado game?

"Probably a B. I thought I played pretty well coming off the bench. There are a couple things I could have done better on. That third and short when I missed Marcedes on a hot route. Threw it a little low. That's on me. That's a pass that needs to be made catchable. I felt like I did play well, but at times I could have played better."

How are Matt's spirits?

"I guess it's as good as it can be for the situation. He worked so hard and prepared. I thought he was awesome in practice this week. He threw the ball the best I've ever seen. I think he's at the top of his game since he's been at UCLA. It's tough to go down with an injury so soon."

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