UCLA's Devon Modster Embracing Backup QB Battle

Apr. 18 -- UCLA quarterback Devon Modster spoke about redshirting last year, the adjustments to Jedd Fisch's offense and his battle with Matt Lynch for the backup role...

On how spring camp is going so far

I think I did alright. There’s definitely a lot of things I can work on, just watching film after practice every day, just focusing on the little things. 

On comfort level going up

Yeah, definitely. I mean putting in this new offense, it kind of just makes you know the offense. So if coach Fisch kind of messed up the play, you need to know what the running back has to do and everything. 

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On working with coach Fisch

He’s kind of always on me. But I think it’s better for me, so he’s harder on me. So then I need to do what I need to do to perform.

What stands out about Fisch

I think from coach Fisch, coming from a lot of different teams and (also) the NFL, some of the terminology, or a lot of the terminology, and kind of the concepts and the plays, definitely help out if you want to go to the next level. And he kind of gives you a sense of that. 

On competing for backup QB

I think we just come out and compete every day. That’s pretty much it. 

On Matt Lynch’s mentality at practice

He just has a great mentality coming out at practice. He always wants to get better and make his team better, and that’s kind of what I want to do. 

On whether there’s any difference in Josh Rosen this year compared to last year

Yeah, he’s a lot healthier. (He’s) throwing the ball really good, too. 

On whether Josh Rosen’s demeanor has changed from last year

I mean I think he’s always wanted to win and to be the best he can be. I think he’s been doing that. 

On whether it was difficult to sit back and redshirt the 2016 season considering what the offense had to go through

I wouldn’t say it was difficult, I think it was a learning experience. Kind of getting used to the system and how the games are and everything. I think I’m glad that I redshirted.

On the challenges he faces when learning a new offense

I wouldn’t say there’s many challenges, just except the fact that the plays are way longer than they were last year. But I like the offense a lot so far.

On what the contingency plan was last year if Mike Fafaul underwent a long-term injury after taking over for Josh Rosen

(If the injury was for) a long-period of time, they said they would put me in (to play QB). 

On what the plan was if Fafaul just had a short-term injury and had to sit out only for a few plays

We put in ‘Crenshaw.’ So that was when Mossi Johnson became our quarterback and kind of ran the Wildcat. 

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