Nate Meadors

Nate Meadors on Development of DBs

Apr. 19 -- The now-veteran cornerback talks about the emergence of his teammates in the secondary during spring...

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On when he will get his braces off:

Hopefully next month, I hope so. My dentist takes forever, so.

On coach Martin cross-training the DBs at all the different DB positions:

I mean, just from my previous years, I kind of already know the stuff. I mean I could go play (in slot), but I’m just working on my corner stuff right now – that’s all coach Meat really wants me to do right now. But I do keep up to date with the stuff that’s going on (at different positions). 

On how coach Martin goes about giving players mental reps in cross-training positions:

Really I mean you’re just taking mental reps and watching the other dude so you can learn. And really, we’re just all learning from each other so I mean it’s not really specifics to it, we just have to pay attention to what is going on. 

On the potential of this secondary: 

I think we can be real good. We have a lot of young dudes, but they’re coming along well – like Darnay Holmes. Denzel Fisher is playing well, Colin Samuel is playing well. And I think we’re all just playing together as a unit. So it’s working really well.

On whether he will assume a leadership role now that Fabian is out:

I think I try to be like that, I think so. I’ve had some time here to develop my skill and my leadership to fit that role. So I think I’ll be able to do that.

On Mossi Johnson:

Mossi, he fits well with us. He’s learning the stuff fast, and once he gets it down he’s going to be a great player for us. 

On the mentality that Mossi brings to the secondary:

Man, he’s a goof-ball. He brings a lot of spunk to it. I mean, he just fits really well with us, because we all hang together off the field. So it’s nothing different. 

On how fast it’s gone for him so far at UCLA – from early-enrollee freshman in 2015 to now:

It’s crazy. It’s crazy. These three years have gone by so fast. My mom told me it was going to go by quick, and I didn’t believe her, but I’m already back to being my third season. It’s going strong, it’s been surreal. 

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