UCLA Freshman Matt Lynch Talks Backup QB Battle

Apr. 21 -- UCLA redshirt freshman quarterback Matt Lynch spoke about the new offense, what he learned last year after arriving on campus and the ongoing battle with Devon Modster...

On how spring camp is going so far

It’s good. Switching over to a new offense, it’s kind of a little bit of a struggle, but with last year and (having) a new offense come in with coach (Tuiasosopo) and KP, it’s kind of easy to transition to what we’re doing now. 

On how this offensive scheme is different from Polamalu’s

It’s kind of a different, more pro-style offense. It’s based off what the Falcons and Patriots run, so we watch a lot of film of Tom Brady and Matt Ryan on how it’s supposed to be run. So that’s a good thing to look at to base off where we want to be.

On Fisch being detail-oriented

Yeah, it helps a lot. And it also helps our discipline as a team. We have to focus on the little things, because in the long run, those things will pay off. 

On the backup QB battle

You know, we all come out here every day and compete. The quarterbacks are some of my best friends, so we’re always learning from each other, we’re always competing, asking questions. So right now, me and Devon (Modster) are kind of going back and forth with Josh (Rosen) already at 1. But there’s not going to be a day when we stop competing. 

On how his style is different than Modster’s

I would say I’m more of a pocket passer, and Devon’s more of that quick, agility kind of quarterback who can get outside the pocket and throw on the run. But we both can run, we both can throw, so.

On what his biggest learning lesson was from last season

The biggest lesson was probably just that transition to college, learning from Josh, and being able to travel around. Always learning from Josh, because there’s always something new that comes up in practice or different plays, so just trying to pick his brain a little bit. 

On where he’s progressed most since arriving on campus

I would say knowledge. The game is a lot faster out here from high school to college, it’s a lot faster. So just picking up that, (and) being able to see defenses before they get into what they’re actually doing. So I think that’s probably the thing I’ve learned the most.

On whether he has made mechanical adjustments to his throwing motion

I’ve been trying to stop loading so much on my back foot and keeping a shorter, but up-top, arm motion, instead of dropping my shoulder. So I’ve been working on that during the offseason. So I’m not really thinking about it right now, but definitely once spring ball is done, I’ll get back to working on that, changing my motion up a little bit. 

On which QB coach he’s worked out with to fix his mechanics

Yeah, Warren McCarty back in Colorado. I worked with him since sophomore year. We’re kind of still working on getting that throwing motion changed. 

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