UCLA RB Brandon Stephens Talks Run Game and Improvements

Apr. 25 -- Sophomore running back Brandon Stephens spoke to the media about his progress in spring practice, the upcoming spring game and more...

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On how the running backs have responded after a tough season last year

We have a clean slate. We didn’t have a great season rushing-wise, but we’re just coming out here and going through practice with the sense of urgency to get better. Coach Foster is really helping us do that. 

On whether the new offense has a different feel

An offense is an offense. All you try to do is just compete and do everything 100 percent. That’s the focus of everything right now. 

On how much it meant to get some in-game playing experience in his freshman year

It was good to get experience. Going into this next season, I’ll know what to look for and know what my teammates need of me. Getting playing time last year will definitely benefit me going into next season. 

On the main thing he learned in his freshman year

Blocking, that’s the main thing I learned. You know, coming in as a freshman, I came in June I believe. I didn’t really know what protections were coming out of high school. I’m still learning that as well right now, I’m trying to perfect that. But that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned. 

On going live in spring game

Oh it’s definitely exciting. This is my first spring, so being able to have a live game, fans out, it gives us the chance and the opportunity to show them what we’ve been working for this whole spring ball.

On whether they’ve been told what team they’re going to be on in the spring game

No, not yet. Not yet. They should tell us pretty soon.

On how he expects things to go once players start figuring out what team they’re on

I really don’t know how they’re going to figure that out. I mean I just hope I’m on the winning team, to be honest.

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