TE Jordan Wilson Excited about Spring Game

Apr. 28 -- The redshirt freshman tight end, Jordan Wilson, talked about how he's anticipating playing in a real game situation Saturday since he hasn't a very long time, and what parts of his game he's improved the most...

Jordan Wilson talked after practice Thursday about the Spring Game and more.

On his team for the spring game

I got white.

So you’re teammates with Breland Brandt?

Little Breland? Yeah, me and him are pretty good friends. 

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On whether he’s happy with the teammates he was paired with on the white team

I was pretty happy, because they got Caleb (Wilson), Devin (Asiasi) and Alex Rassool on the other team, which means me and Austin Roberts are basically the only tight ends on our team. So we’re going to be getting reps the whole game. So I’m excited about that.

On what QBs he will be playing with on the white team

I got Devon (Modster). I’m not sure about Matt (Lynch), but I know for sure Devon because he’s my roommate.

On whether there’s trash talk going on between the blue and white teams already

Oh yeah for sure. There’s always going to be trash talk, even at practice. We’re all competitive, trying to get better out here. So we’re definitely looking forward to being against each other Saturday.

On the length of the game

It’s a full 12 minutes each quarter – running clock.

On whether there is a specific prize for the team that wins

I’m not sure yet. Coach Mora hasn’t said anything about it yet, but I’m sure he’ll come up with something.

On how exciting it is to cap spring camp with a real scrimmage

I’m excited to get back into a full-game situation. Because I haven’t played in a real game since my last game in high school as a senior. I played one game as a senior, because I got hurt. But I’m just excited to really experience my first college opportunity. We’ve been working hard all spring, (so I’m) just excited to get out there on the field and put it together.

On what he’s improved at most since arriving at UCLA

For sure run blocking. Well I did quite a bit in high school, but I don’t do as much as I do know. Coach Rip has just been telling me to bend at my knees and not the waist. I’ve been working at that all spring. And I’ve really noticed improvements.

On what he’s learned from the other tight ends on the roster

I like how big our group is, because we all do different things well. So we learn from each other every day. It’s just nice because we’re all close together. So if one of us is not good – we’re not run blocking – we look to Devin (Asiasi) because he’s bigger, he’s about like 270, and he’s good at run blocking. So if need help with (run blocking), we look to him. If we need help with running routes, we look to Caleb (Wilson) because he’s elusive. So it just works like that.

On his weight progression since he got to UCLA

I came in at 260 just because I was hurt and I hadn’t ran in like eight months. Then I dropped down to like 230 that same summer and I’m back up to 241 (now).

On what his target weight is

I’ll probably be playing in the season about 250.

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