UCLA QB Austin Burton Talks College Adjustments In First Spring Ball

Apr. 29 -- UCLA true freshman quarterback Austin Burton spoke about his first spring practice, arriving in college early, picking up the offense and more...

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On his first spring

Its going well. Learning the offense, getting reps. Picking up different things. Its a big adjustment from high school. I know it helped coming in the spring versus the fall because I have a better understanding of what we're doing.

On not having a wide-eyed look his first spring

I think it comes with studying the playbook a lot, watching film, not trying to overthink things. Staying calm, taking notes, studying really helped and kept me relaxed.

On the transition from spring enrollment to practice

I moved in April 1 and we had practice like April 2. Had a meeting, got the playbook, studied as much as I could overnight and got to practice.  I think the coaches understood I was coming right off of school, so it wasn't too bad.

On the coaching change at quarterback

I loved Coach Tui (Marques Tuiasosopo), he's a great coach. But Coach (Jedd) Fisch is awesome too.  He's been a huge help, learning the offense, teaching me little things, my drops, footwork, throwing motion. He's an unbelievable coach and I'm glad he's at UCLA. 

On everyone learning a new offensive system

I think it definitely helps, knowing that everyone is going through a little bit of the version I'm going through. I can ask questions all the time, because they're still learning it too.

On which quarterbacks have helped him

They've all been great. Josh (Rosen), obviously, if I have a question, Devon (Modster) and Matt (Lynch), they've all been helpful.

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