UCLA CB Darnay Holmes Adjusting Well to College Speed

Apr. 27 -- UCLA true freshman defensive back Darnay Holmes spoke about his first spring ball, adjusting to the speed of college, where he fits into the secondary and more...

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On his thoughts on the spring game 

Pretty excited, you know, just to put everything together out there and go against the guys in a tempo that we haven’t really ran and being televised, with a lot of family coming out, it’s just a blessing. 

On whether spring camp has been what he thought it would be

Yeah definitely, definitely. I learned just to have a short-term memory and come out here and just really work on your technique, because these guys have been here a long time. Right when I came in, a lot of guys welcomed me in and they helped me out right away. So I’m definitely excited that I came here. 

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On which players have helped him acclimate to college

On the offensive side: Josh, Audie, El – everybody on the offensive side pretty much. On the defensive side: Jaleel, the corners, Nate, everybody that’s on the defensive side. So it’s pretty much everybody who’s wanting to help me out. It’s just a blessing to have guys who want to give back. 

On how he’s adjusted to the college speed

I feel like I’m adjusting pretty well, you know. The speed changes every other day when I come out here. I have to find a way to fight through the adversity and find a way to fight through, after coming out here after a lift, just to come out here well-rounded and focused. So it’s just the thing of changing the mindset when you come out here and you’re tired. So that’s what we learn: not to be average, to be great. 

On what Demetrice Martin has told him

He wanted me to just focus on my assignment. When I was at Calabasas, I was always helping out my friends and stuff like that, but once you get to college, you’ve got to play your game and then you can find ways to make plays when you just play your game. He always says, ‘picks come in bunches when you just play your game.’ So just staying true to my technique and just trusting myself. 

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