UCLA Josh Rosen Talks Spring, Offense, Relationship With Jedd Fisch

Apr. 29 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen talked after the spring game about the offense, his relationshp with Jedd Fisch and where he is in his comfort level with it...

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On his performance in the spring game

I think I did pretty well. Definitely some stuff to work on. The last two minute drive came together. I think everyone has things to work on. That's why it's spring.

On what the offseason means to him

It's tangible. You have to get guys on the field working together, but also that leadership that me and other guys can consume and rally and get everybody to do player run workouts and be really excited for the opportunity to get better. Its up to us to forge that path to hit the ground running in camp.

On working with Jedd Fisch

We work really well together. He understands how I function and I'm using it as an opportunity to get inside his head. I want to, by game one, be his head on the field. He'll call a play, and I'm not just trying to run it, but I'll ask why he's running it, in that situation.  To see where he's coming from so I can really do everything he asks. He's been around the block in the NFL and college and he knows exactly what he wants.

On the time limits in the offseason with the coaches

I'll learn quick.  Put the burden on my shoulders so once the non-contact period comes, I can take the burden for my teammates and take what Fisch would have given them.  It's my responsibility and Kenny Young for the defense, to be the coordinators of the offseason. Not just take off training camp.

On if this offseason will be smoother

Yeah, a lot of it is just being older. It comes with time.  Everything kind of evolves. I've grown more this offseason more than any other offseason since I've played football. I've learned a lot about what the sport means to me. Trying to spin that into a positive. I think to this point, I've come on a better side of it.

On how the offseason has helped him have perspective

Huge.  Physically, I learned more about my body than ever before. Im in better shape, more healthy shape.  Sitting home watching the guys play is a bummer. You see some down faces and really wish you were there to help them out.

On Fisch's offense

I love it. I've learned more this spring about just the game of football than I have in a long time. He's not just teaching us his offense, but how to be good quarterbacks, good teammates, good people.  We've watched a lot of Tom Brady, Matt Ryan film. See how quickly they get the ball out. It's not like his offense is one offense. He evaluates all the strengths and weaknesses and tailors an offense, not fitting square pegs in a circular hole. I'm excited about the future and I think we'll be a really good football team.

On Takk McKinley's tweet about hitting him

I love Takk to death. He's awesome. Takk loves to goof around. He's a competitor at heart. He's a great teammate and I'm bummed we lost him, but I couldn't be more happy for him and how it all worked out for him.  Now he gets to reunite with Coach (Jeff) Ulbrich back in Atlanta and with Devin Fuller there too. He's in a good situation.

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