UCLA Safety Adarius Pickett Talks About His Big Spring

Apr. 29 -- One of the stars of April, safety Adarius Pickett talked about his big spring, how good he thinks the secondary and more after the Spring Game...

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On his interception in the spring game

I read the tight end, he went vertical, I saw Josh look at him, jumped the route and picked it off.

On his spring performance

I feel really happy the way I played. It goes with my preparation in the offseason, with Coach Alosi, watching a lot of film. I try to get better.

On his Pick-Six headband.

My mother actually (made it).

On building this offseason

It's very important. We should have some player ran practices picked up by me, Josh (Rosen), Kenny Young, Scott Quessenberry.  Its very important during the offseason we haven't lost track. These next 3-4 months going into the season are really critical with our success.

On how they break up the leadership in the offseason

You really have captains specifically in each group, and they talk to the coaches. You get the message from the coaches and they give it to the players and the practices are ran pretty smoothly.

On if there is a bigger jump after spring or fall

It's pretty much the same. Its a big jump for both of them. Coming into the winter, its a long period of time to get better. You dont want to make any period smaller than the other.

On losses in the secondary

I say we are ahead of last year. I feel like this group is a more physical group, we understand each other and play well together. It should be an exciting season.

On Demetrice Martin comparing him to Fabian Moreau

That means a lot to me. Thats a big statement coming from him. I appreciate the confidence i receive from the coaches. Fabian is one of my big brothers and he's taught me a lot.  I wish him the best of luck in Washington, I'm really happy for him.

On Takk McKinley getting drafted

That meant everything to me, seeing how happy and passionate he was, being that we do come from the same town. I've seen him go through a lot and seeing him grow as a person, to a man, that meant everything to me.  I'm a Falcon fan now, I'm an Oakland fan, we got Marshawn, but Takk, that's another one of my big brothers and words cant describe how I feel for him.

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