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WR Isaah Crocker Breaks Down Top 8

May 3 -- Four-star Sacramento (Calif.) Inderkum wide receiver Isaah Crocker talks about his visit to Cal, and breaks down his top eight...

On Monday night, four-star wide receiver Isaah Crocker out of Sacramento (Calif.) Inderkum released his top eight, with his childhood favorite -- California -- among them.

"They made the top eight because -- you should already know -- they're my favorite college," Crocker said. "I've grown up and loved them since the beginning. Everything about them is amazing, and I do see myself playing as a Bear, and, there's no place like home. Nothing has changed, at all, period, since I first met them, first saw them, since I was a kid, everything is still 100-percent liking Cal."

Crocker's comments on his other top eight suitors:

The school Crocker visited last weekend, UCLA, is in the top eight: "They've done a lot of things. Coach Jimmie D (Jimmie Dougherty) is from Oregon, and ever since he came up here for Josh [Falo], they've been talking to me. They'd talked to me before, but they'd just never offered me before. Since he moved to UCLA, coach Angus (Angus McClure) was the one who offered me, everything about them -- I watched their spring game, and that was the only spring game I went to besides Cal's practice -- everything looks like it's falling into place. Me and [Dougherty] have a great connection, and they want me to be in the mix more often."

Oregon State: "Ah, Oregon State, Oregon State. Everything about Oregon State, it makes me happy. The reason why I say that is because of the TMP pipeline. I would still have a chance to play with the people I've played with since I've grown up, having that connection that got me this far. Everything about Oregon State stands out to me. It's perfect, school-wise and how coach [Dave] Baldwin calls me every day to see how I am, and seeing how the other TMP people who committed there are doing. The love and connection that I have with coach Baldwin and all the coaches up there, are amazing."

Utah: "Utah, coach [Troy] Taylor. Coach Taylor is one of the good things. He said he coached Jake Browning before he left [to coach] for Eastern Washington. Eastern Washington threw the ball more, and he told me he was bringing that offensive set to Utah, so they can have more wide receiver looks, and he would change up the way Utah would look, so that sounds pretty right for me, being a receiver. You want to get the ball as much as you can, trying to make a difference. That's what he's doing. I would love to be a part of the Utes."

Nebraska has three commits this cycle from California, after the CaliBraska trio in the last recruiting class. That's partially what entices Crocker, but it's more so his relationship with Keith Williams.

"Nebraska has the best wide receivers coach, in my opinion, and I think that they can make me an elite player, and can get me to the next level," Crocker said. "Coach Keith, he's an excellent coach. He shows me everything, like how to get out of routes, and I use that to my benefit. I try to use those examples that he's given me, because he, in my opinion, is the best coach. That stands out to me more than a lot. I've met a lot of recruits that came in [to Nebraska], so that's pretty mind-popping, like that corner, Bookie Radley-Hiles."

Oregon's half-dozen commits this past weekend also left Crocker's eyes thoroughly popped, and he's now got a lot of new voices in his ear, telling him to come to Eugene.

"Oh, Oregon, now Oregon is hot," Crocker said. "You see everybody tagging me [on Twitter], saying that Oregon is a movement. That is a movement. Oregon is just amazing. I haven't even been up there, but everything about that whole movement, I actually just got off the phone with coach Taggert [today]. Oregon is just mind-blowing. I would absolutely just love to be a part of that movement, to make Oregon better again, than they were. That's why they made my top eight."

USC also made the top eight, and came out to Crocker's spring practice on Monday.

"That's another TMP pipeline, just one of them," Crocker said. "USC has a lot of talent, and they're going to be one of the top-tier teams in the Pac-12, no doubt. I would like to be a part of that, too. USC just has a lot of connections. I've been down there for an unofficial, and I loved it a lot. Josh [Falo] is going there, and knowing that he's a top player, everything about that, and Josh is recruiting me hard, too. I was going to school, and every picture I post, he says, 'Fight On!' That's keeping me in the mix."

The farthest school from Crocker's California home that made the list is Notre Dame: "The Irish are nice, and everything that coach Kelly is doing, trying to make Notre Dame go up again -- not saying they were bad; they're still a decent team, and they don't have a bad record, but don't have an excellent, excellent record -- I would love to be a part of the Irish, especially with what [Irish commit] Braden Lenzy was telling me, about how he likes it."

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